【YAMANASHI】 Gourmet Trip (Second Half) Hototo and drive to the Lake Kawaguchi

Japan with Family

Lunch is a local gourmet “Hoto”!

After a tour of kikyo Shingen mochi factory, we decided to have lunch.

And it was here that we headed!!


It is about a 10-minute drive from Kikyo Shingen Mochi Factory.

When I arrived at 12 o’clock, the inside of the shop was already crowded, and the 20th pair!

However, the clerk said, “It will proceed in about 10 groups in about 10 minutes”!Early!

I waited for the turn immediately, and put it without waiting for 20 minutes ^ ^

The inside of the shop is an old-fashioned Japanese room, gourd from the ceiling?It is interesting to hang a lot.

I ordered two of them because they had a volume and had just eaten ice cream.

Pork Hoto
Mushroom hoto

It was so delicious!

Miso flavor-based dashi contains a lot of vegetables such as pumpkin, potato, spring, Chinese cabbage, carrot, etc., and both pork and mushrooms are very full of volume!

The main food was dyed and delicious, and the children liked it very much.

Because the inside of the shop is very cool, you can eat hot udon coolly ^ ^

There are also spoons, forks, and bean chairs for children, so it is recommended even with children.

Take a walk to “Fuji Mimuro Asama Taisha”!

We enjoyed Lunch very well.

The next place we headed to was around Kawaguchiko.

While feeling nature, we visited Fuji Mimuro Asama Taisha to wish for the safety of the new school year and a good encounter.

The shrine has a way through the forest, and it is very quiet and full of power spot atmosphere.

The cherry blossoms were still in full bloom.

Through the forest of the shrine, we went to the parking lot while taking a walk along the shore of Lake Kawaguchi.

It was really quiet and the calm scenery was very pleasant, and there were not many tourists, so it was an area where slow time flowed.It is a recommended area for those who want to look at the scenery slowly for a moment or feel the power while taking a walk ^ ^

We went to Kawaguchiko Cheesecake Garden as a snack!

Now we’re going to the sightseeing area.When it’s about 15:00, there’s a traffic jam on the way home, so I decided to eat snacks and go home.We went to the famous Kawaguchiko Cheesecake Garden.

Several cars can be parked in front of the shop, but since it is in contact with the sidewalk, you are lucky if it is well available!

We also stopped our car in front of the shop and decided to eat in.

Rare Cheesecake

We ordered souffle cheesecake, rare cheesecake and chocolate souffle.

If you order one cake, you can drink a cup of coffee, so it’s about 400 yen to 500 yen, so it’s a nice service.There are various kinds of cakes, and there are various desserts such as raw dorayaki, baumkuchen, gelato, apple pie, etc., and it worries me.I sold a lot of souvenirs, so is it perfect for a break after a lakeside walk?I think ^^