【Travel to Taiwan】 You can enjoy it even with children!KKday is the must-have app if you want to go to Taiwan!You can enjoy the taste of Taiwan in stay home now!

ready for travel

I love to travel with my family, but after my child is born, I find a chance to travel abroad and go out.Among them, I have traveled to Taiwan three times, and my children love taiwan’s charm and food culture very much.Taiwan is also easily accessible from Japan and makes it easy to experience a foreign feel.This time, I will tell you about KKday that you should know if you are going to Taiwan ^ ^

[KKday] I want to go on a personal trip casually.But I want to use the tour on site!

In such a case, “KKday” is convenient.

At KKday, you can buy short-term activities, tours and tickets available throughout Asia, Australia, Los Angeles, etc. online.In particular, there is no need to have a voucher, etc., it is okay with one smartphone because it only shows the QR code.In addition, it is easy to understand and use the cancellation policy and how to make a reservation.

I’ve loved personal travel since I didn’t have children.Anyway, I don’t want to get caught up in the time and the prescribed plan.As you like, you want to act freely, of course, there is also a labor in need of research, but above all, even it is fun.However, sometimes it is difficult for individuals to go.In addition, it is advantageous to apply for a tour, and you may be able to read the time.In such a case, check the tour etc. in advance and make a reservation.

The idea is the same even after it comes to travel with the child.If you are with children, the tour will be a game of time and mood, but you want to plan to do well only a short tour and the purchase of tickets.

[KKday] tour reservation in a short time is also abundant!

KKday is a convenient place to use as a “spot-like tour”.

For example, it is convenient for spot use, such as booking an activity of about one to two hours in advance, and being able to buy tickets cheaper than buying locally.Of course, depending on the content of the tour, some are guided.It is a very attractive and convenient place to “have them guide you only where you want to go”.You can also check the details of the tour in advance in the app.

Can solve things that are likely to get lost in the field

On an individual, you have to do everything from ticket arrangements to transportation by yourself, and sometimes you get lost in the field.When I went to Bali, I used all the travel to the car charter, it was very convenient.In the case of Taiwan, if you want to enjoy more deep, it is often not easily accessible by train, or it is easier to travel by taxi (there is also heat).When it comes to touring, it’s better to book a tour or ticket for “things you might get lost in the field, and places where it’s more convenient to use the tour. KKday’s travel plans also have a wide variety of plans, so if you’re wondering about your travel plans, you’ll be able to find a new local purpose.

We also have a lot of reservations for tours and activities not only overseas but also in tourist destinations in Japan, so now that we can’t go abroad due to coronavirus, it will play a part in visiting new spots in Japan^

[KKday] “Taiwan at home” planning?Enjoy Taiwanese food!

Taiwan is a country where you can enjoy gourmet food.My children also love soup dumpling, fried rice, tapioca milk tea and tea made in Taiwan.The bread is also delicious, not only tea, but also a wide variety of nougat and pineapple cakes, and there are many things that are fashionable and elaborate in package design.

Due to coronavirus, overseas travel is a difficult situation, but at KKday, taiwan goods, sweets, tea, etc. can be purchased in the plan called “Taiwan at home”.You can also buy things that are sold only in Taiwan, so you can enjoy authentic taste at home ^ ^