Ubud villa with Children;I stayed at “Ubud Wana Resort Hotel”!

Bali with Family

There are many villa hotels in Ubud.We also wanted to stay in a villa once during our stay, so we chose a villa hotel in Ubud.There are many villas away from the city, but we chose Ubud Wana Resort.There will be convenient and that monkeys might be appear close to us.

【Ubud villa with Children】Arrive at Ubud Wana Resort

After two stops, we arrived at Ubud Wana Resort, a hotel in Ubud.
I spent three nights here.The choice of hotels in Ubud was more lost than the beach area.Because the hotel itself was scattered a lot away from the city, and i couldn’t understand the geography of the city, so I was a little lost.Therefore

  • Close to the center of the city
  • That there is something interesting spot near the hotel
  • Staying in a villa,also good price
  • What you can expect from the hotel

I chose from among the desired conditions.

In front of the hotel

【Ubud Wana Resort】 Villa is very large, beautiful, cozy◎

Originally, we didn’t plan to use the pool in Ubud, so we removed the pool conditions, but the villa also had a pool, chairs and a mini kitchen.There was a mini kitchen in the garden, so I thought it would be nice to be inside.
But!What surprised me was the size of the bath and toilet!There is no smell around the water, the bathtub is also very big, and it is wide!Even if you don’t want to enter the pool, this bathtub is enough!I was very pleased when I took a bubble bath ^^ the room was large enough.The room was very comfortable.

In front of the villa.The other side of this wall is the loophole in Monkey Forest.
Bed in the villa.Double and twin rooms are separated
The painting in the room, splendid!!
Villa Entrance

The people at the hotel are very kind

The people at the front desk of the hotel, the villa residents, and the cart’s older brothers were very kind!The room was very clean and clean.On the second night, the next room was a young man, and the music was very lively late at night, but the hotel responded well.
The villa is a short distance from the main building of the hotel.In terms of location, it’s very close to the Monkey Forest.Villa users will be given their own mobile phone, so if you have any problems, you can contact them.The hotel and the villa are picked up by cart, and there is a resident in front of the villa, so it is safe.

Breakfast is a hotel restaurant or room.

Breakfast was served in the villa, but i chose buchie at the hotel restaurant.The restaurant also has an open terrace and plenty of nature, and sometimes the table is full of ali’s.Well, it is about the respect.

Spa Discount Tickets

Get a discount ticket for the hotel spa!I wanted to use it, too, but in Ubud, i packed my schedule to some extent, so I gave up because i didn’t have the right time.It’s popular with guests, so if you want to use it in a lot of time, we recommend that you make a reservation when you check in!

My family is very satisfied in staying this Hotel villa!Ubud is a wonderful place.

My family enjoyed their stay in the villa.I never thought i’d be able to have such a wonderful stay in the wilderness, and the monkeys came to see me, and the kids enjoyed their first villa experience.Ubud Wana Resort is very convenient lye because it is close to both nature and the city.