[Kanagawa] Hadano-Togawa-park is fresh green beautiful and you can play spaciously and actively there!

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Due to coronavirus, the summer playground for children is also limited to use various facilities.In such a situation, I will tell you about The Kanagawa Prefectural Hadanotogawa Park, where both the fresh greenery and the river are rich in nature and are very wide and children can enjoy it actively.

[Hadano-Togawa Park] What kind of place is Togawa Park?

Hadano-Togawa Park is a very large facility with a park and a plaza, playing in the Mizunashi River flowing through the center of the park while looking at the mountains of Tanzawa.There is also a nature observation forest, barbecue facilities, rock climbing park, etc., and it is a park where you can play according to the purpose.There is also a trail head in Omotetanzawa. There are also three large parking lots around the park (there is also a private parking lot).Because there are a lot of climbers, it may take a little time to stop in the parking lot.

Municipal parking lot: Table of usage fees for Okura, Mizunogawa and Suwamaru parking lots

On the website of The Prefectural Hadanotogawa Park: Details are here.
Municipal parking fee as of June 2020

How to get by bus

In addition, it is convenient because it is accessible by bus and the bus stop is at the entrance of the park.

【Access by train or bus】

From “Shibusawa Station” on the Odakyu Odawara Line

Shibusawa Station North Exit Bus Stop Noriba 2 “Shibu 02” Line “Okura” Line → Get off at the last stop “Okura” (about 15 minutes)

From the official website of Hadanotogawa Park

[Hadano-Togawa Park] the scenery of Omotetanzawa seen from the huge suspension bridge is very beautiful!

A large suspension bridge that can be seen from the park center.The bottom of this suspension bridge is the Mizunashi River, and it becomes a place where children play.Children also love the view from this suspension bridge ^ ^ It is a very big suspension bridge, and the scenery is wonderful.

[Hadano-Togawa Park] play in the water to your heart’s’s life in The Mizunashi River!

I haven’t had a chance to play in the river until now, but now that they can’t play in the water or have a pool due to coronavirus, it’s the best playground for children.I think that the water of the flowing river depends on the weather condition at that time, such as seeing the living thing in the river, making the bridge by arranging the stone, and being made to play comparatively shallowly.

What do I need to play in the river?

The water is beautiful in The Mizunashi River, and even a small children can play very happily.However, because there is a wide river, it is necessary to be careful not to keep an eye on children, and to keep an eye on the flow because it may be fast.However, the water of the river is relatively shallow, and the flow is easy to play because there are a lot of calm places.What you need to do in river play is

Non-slip sandals or boots that can be worn even in the river

Change of clothes


Garbage bag

This is a list of items that we could have for children.If they squat down, it will get wet by all means, so it is recommended that you prepare to change pants.Because there is a place where the stone is lukewarm and slides, it is better to have sandals for water.It is okay to be barefoot, but there is a possibility that the scaffolding becomes painful considerably、、、。

[Hadano-Togawa Park] not only the park, but also the surrounding flowers are very beautiful

After enjoying playing in the river, you can also play in the park.In addition, the flowers around the park are also very well managed, and hydrangea is now a highlight.It is an area where you can enjoy flowers and flowers.

[Hadano-Togawa Park] After you’re tired, do you have delicious soba and ice cream?

There are also tea shops around the Park Center, shops where you can buy tofu and soy products, and shops where you can eat delicious soba.It is crowded depending on the time, but when my family visited there, it was empty, so I had soba. The soba after a little play was very delicious, and the children ate it with a lot of ^^;I can bu also a lot of donuts and bean sweets next to the soba restaurant shop.

Seiro soba
Hot soba noodles
Purchased at a tofu shop

[Hadano-Togawa Park] adults and children can play for a day!Let’s have fun according to the rules!

Togawa Park is very well managed and is a beautiful park.Even small children can play in the river with peace of mind.There is also a rule of use to play in the river.

Because of the natural river, there is a possibility that the water level will increase suddenly.If you are with children, please be careful.

・ At the time of flooding, it may be off-limits to prevent accidents.

It is OK to bring a simple tent into the area, but please refrain from using the tension rope to prevent danger.

Barbecue and other fires cannot be used.

Please do not bring back the creatures of the river.Be sure to release the creatures to the same place after observing them.

Pets should not be placed in water except in designated locations.(Enter downstream from the position of the youth baseball field)

For more information about the “About river play in Mizunashi River” park from the official webs
ite of Hadanotogawa Park, please click here.

It is a park where you can enjoy a day with your family ^ ^ Fresh green is also rich and you can feel a lot of refreshing air for adults ^ ^

At the Mizunashi River