[Rice Terrace in Bali]can be enjoyed by children?What about lunch?Easy access by car charter!

“Rice Terrace” is always included in the Bali guidebook.During our stay in Ubud, we used a car charter for lunch and a walk on the Rice Terrace.I will tell you about rice terrace walking with children!

[Access from Ubud] Still a lot of tourists!Go to the popular rice terrace!

Rice terrace with a lot of peaceful scenery

When we arrived at noon, the clouds began to fall and it rained.It was sunny in the morning!!However, it was done by the street rain condition.When you cross the dense jungle-like mountain path, you can see the rice terrace spread out.It was relatively crowded with tourists, whether it was just around noon.I went to the restaurant with mr. Weda of the guide first.The guide will attend to the inside of the shop, so just follow.

There are several restaurants, but the terrace seats while looking at the rice terrace are full.Moreover, because it is a scene that it becomes a couple seat, my family class goes to an ordinary table seat.Again, we had Italian and Indonesian food.The taste and the price are normal.The shop was also pop, and it was easy for the family.The place to eat was clean, but unfortunately the restroom is not good … is it not in time for cleaning?It was a feeling.In addition, my family was not particularly designated as a restaurant, but “rice while looking at the superb view!”If you are eager to do so, I think it’s a good idea to properly convey the restaurant information to the guide.

It’s somehow cloudy… but it’s nice.

【Access from Ubud】 Walk around Rice Terrace!

After lunch, we walked around the rice terrace.There is a path in the rice field, so tourists can walk freely.Unfortunately, it was cloudy when we visited, but the spreading countryside was very atmosphere and the children felt like exploring again.

Living Cow Working in the Countryside

Access from Ubud: The rice terrace on both sides of the path is a place where you can enjoy the natural scenery.

If you go along the path, there is a waterway on the way, there are cows, and the countryside is full.It was a seasonal thing (August), the insect did not fly, and it was cool and comfortable.After enjoying lunch, you can feel nature while taking a leisurely walk.

Rice terrace view on both sides of the path