Kyoto: Children and Arashiyama! Is the Sagano trolley train a bit of an attraction? Enjoy delicious soba and Togetsukyo bridge

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This article is a record of Arashiyama, Kyoto. It was still a hot summer time, so we stayed from morning to afternoon this time, but the children were impressed by the big river flowing through the trolley train and the Togetsukyo Bridge.

Arashiyama: Take the trolley train to Arashiyama! Children’s excitement with moderate ride time and magnificent scenery

Arashiyama Trolley Train

At first,we went to torokko Kameoka station of the trolley train by car and went back and forth from Kameoka to Arashiyama. I thought about riding the Arashiyama train from Kyoto city, but if there is a car with great measures, I dare to access it from the opposite direction. It took about 30 minutes from Gojo to Kameoka in Kyoto (there is an error depending on the traffic jam situation at that time), and it was very good because it was easy to stop by for shopping on the way home.

Access to Arashiyama from Kameoka is also available on the Hozu River. However, because the time of the river down from Kameoka is long, and the son below is not strong in the attraction, I made it to the truck train safely. I think that it is fun to go down the river when the child becomes a little bigger.

There is a parking lot in front of Kameoka Station on the trolley train. The parking fee is 700 yen per day (as of 2020). The surroundings are full of rice fields and natural scenery. There is also a place for a Kyoto horse-drawn carriage.

Trolley train at Kameoka Station

Arashiyama: Where do I buy tickets for trolley trains?

How to buy tickets for a trolley train can be purchased from the main green window(JR-Ticket-office) in the Kansai-region or from the Internet. If you want to buy on the Internet,

  • Register on The Jwest Net (free of charge) for purchase and credit settlement
  • Exchange the ticket at the green window until the boarding time.

It comes to. If you purchase on the Internet, you will not be able to select a seat with details (you can specify the window side, aisle side, etc.) and it will be automatically assigned. In the case of my family, it was Hagino Rich (vehicle without a window) on both the way out. No matter which side you sit on, you can see the scenery, but we still recommend even-numbered seats. The view of the Hozu River is long and beautiful. On the day, there was also an announcement that you can move if there is a vacant seat.

Get off at Torokko Kameoka Station!

Tickets are recommended to be issued early!

We never stopped by Kyoto Station this time, so on the morning of the day, we had tickets issued at the green window of one of the JR Kameoka Stations (closest to the Torokko Train Kameoka Station). However, the departure time of the train is still less, so I was a little impatient, I would like to issue a ticket at the green window by the day before if possible.

If you want to make sure that you have a fee and a seat selection (if you are purchasing outside the area), you can also purchase it at a travel agency. The agency that can be purchased is an agency that can issue JR tickets such as Tourist and JTB. If you contact the agency you want to purchase, you will be able to tell us the amount of the fee.

[Arashiyama] to Arashiyama by torokko train! Can you enjoy it like an attraction?

Rich issue is completely outside without a window! It is an atmosphere. The children enjoyed a different ride than the train they always ride. On the way, you can go through a pitch-dark tunnel or see the flow of the river… it’s easy to take pictures because it’s not fast or slow. There was also a photo shoot for souvenirs, and it was 1200 yen per piece. There was a pleasant announcement of the conductor, and there was a scene to stop temporarily on the way, too, and children enjoyed it without getting tired.

We got off at Torokko Arashiyama Station. On the way back, I got on the train from Torokko Pass Station. Torokko Pass Station is a little off from the center of Arashiyama, but since it is the first station of the trolley train, if you want to ride a trolley for as long as possible, it is recommended from Torokko Sagano Station, a lively street, and if you want to walk through the bamboo forest on the way back from Torokko Arashiyama Station, respectively.

[Arashiyama] trolley Arashiyama station arrival! You can enjoy the road to Togetsukyo in the bamboo forest and sightseeing spots.

At Torokko Arashiyama Station, the truck train stopped a little, so it was possible to take a commemorative photo with the train. When I got out of the station, there was a shop, and I took a snack break immediately. Matcha soft serve also had cute decorations.

To get to the bamboo forest, leave the station and take the mountain road on the left. If you walk a little, the bamboo forest will open. It was a cool and comfortable walk even in the hot summer. If you go along the road single-mindedly, it is the road at the end where the Jinrikisha-spot are.

If you go to the right to Togetsukyo(bridge), this time, the sightseeing road to Togetsukyo continues. It was just before noon, so the heat peaked! On the way, we stopped at various shops and went to Togetsukyo(bridge) while cooling down.

As lunch was approaching and I was hungry, I went to “Yoshimura” to eat soba. It’s 10wari soba, so it’s very hearty! The tempura was also very delicious! Because I can order a large bowl size which is easy especially, cold soba tea was delicious in a hot summer even with a child. It was also helpful that my family was able to go to a private room. Both children and adults were very satisfied.

Arashiyama: A panoramic view of the Hozu River from Togetsukyo Bridge!

Now that I’m full, I went to Togetsukyo(bridge). The Hozu River is also wide, large, and has wonderful scenery. The flow of water is strong enough to feel, and I feel cool enough just by looking at it. If it wasn’t for the heat, Arashiyama Monkey Park was also interested, but this time I saw it off. If the season changes, you can enjoy cycling and boating. They also take commemorative photos on the way, and above all, they are comfortable.

Arashiyama: Arashiyama where you can fully enjoy the scenery, trains, and the atmosphere of tourist spots

We got on the truck train after ten o’clock and returned at 15 o’clock.

“Take a walk in the bamboo forest – Togetsukyo bridge while looking at the shop shop of sightseeing – Lunch – Cool river at Togetsukyo bridge – Drink tea and take a break”

With the content, without rushing to time, I was able to relax and relax. It is a tourist spot, but the sidewalk is also easy to walk widely, and I think that it is easy to use because there is no slope even if a stroller is necessary. If you have children who don’t like walking long way, it is recommended to bring a buggy, stroller, cuddle string, etc. If you get tired, go sightseeing with Jinrikisha! You can also switch, and there are a lot of rest spots along the way. There is also a shop for children’s favorite characters (Snoopy, Rilakkuma, Miffy, etc.), so you can enjoy buying souvenirs.

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