[Taiwan with children] Leofoo Resort Guanshi is okay even if it is not a tour?!How do I access it?

Taiwan with Children

Leofoo Resort Guanshi is a resort area located in Xinchu County, Taiwan.

It is close to Taipei and is easily accessible to Taoyuan Airport.

I’m with my family, but can I go even if I’m not on tour?And how to access to Leofoo Resort, we have an article on how our family practiced.In the second half of this page, we will tell you about the pattern at the animal hotel of Leofoo Resort!

[Leofoo resort Guanshi] you can go even if you do not have a tour!

Speaking of Taiwan, gourmet shopping and history tour, my family that I enjoyed in Taiwan for the first time.

This time, “Let’s go to a new spot that children can enjoy!”

So, I decided to stay at Leofoo resort Guanshi (animal hotel).

However, it is far from Taipei, and access seems to be bad.This time it is not a tour but a personal arrangement, so rather than thinking about how to access it, I started from the hotel reservation.

We have booked Leofoo resort Guanshi Hotel from website “Hotels.com” this time.

The price range is a resort price, but from the previous information that there is no convenience store in the vicinity, I made it to the plan with breakfast.

What is the route to Leofoo resort Guanshi?

In the case of us, we acceced from Taichung to Hsinchu by Taitesu express.we used a three-day free pass for Taitetsu.

I took a taxi from Hsinchu Station.

We stayed this Hotel for only one night and took a taxi from the hotel to the airport on the way back.

When I booked a hotel and inquired about the route, I learned that charter taxis from the hotel were available, and the taxis from the hotel to the airport were pre-booked at the hotel.

If you have poor access to the hotel, such hotel services are substantial, so I think that it is best to consult with the person of the hotel in advance about the point where you get lost in the personal arrangement ^ ^

From Taichung to Hsinchu Prefecture!Head to Leofoo resort Guanshi!

First of all, you can take a taxi from the Hsinchu station to Leofoo resort Guanshi.

I didn’t know exactly how much to pay for the taxi, so there was a booth of “tourist information” on the premises of the station, where I was taught the distance and the price (approximately) toLeofoo resort Guanshi.Is the tourist guide here a student part-time job?Or, English correspondence was also okay.

Hsinchu County is located between Taichung and Taipei and can be accessed directly from Taoyuan Airport.

A taxi charter is also possible from the hotel, and in the case of us, we were going to go to Taoyuan Airport after check-out, so we asked for a hotel charter.From Hsinchu Prefecture, we took a taxi by ourselves from the taxi stand, but it was somewhat cheaper than a hotel charter.If you contact the hotel in advance, you will be able to know the charter fee and so on ^ ^

The animal hotel is more expensive than a regular hotel, and the place where it is possible to go from the animal hotel is only an adjacent amusement park and a safari park, so we set only for one night before returning home.Since the access by taxi from the airport is good, or the first day you arrive, if you use it before returning home, convenience is also recommended because the tension rises well children! !

I was surprised that the station and the toilet in Hsinchu prefecture were nice.

The station in Hsinchu prefecture was very beautiful!

It is not so big, but there were familiar shops such as Moss Burger, Donut shop, 7-Eleven, etc. at the station.

The toilet was also clean!!

There was a booth of sightseeing information in the center of the station premises, and there was a service such as printing map information etc. free of charge, so I used it, but kindly gave me a consultation ^ ^

What about dinner?Food or hotel restaurants?

At that time, I was looking into a lot of food at Leofoo resort Guanshi, but there were a lot of word of mouth that the reputation of the restaurant was so much, so I was worried about what to do with the meal on the night of the stay.

In fact, the hotel has breakfast and there is also a restaurant.Breakfast is a mix of Japanese and Western, and the children are very satisfied with the taste, and the taste is good.

As for dinner, we accessed it from Taichung, but there was Marugame noodles in Taichung, and while we had lunch there,

After all, I decided to take out the rice balls!

I didn’t know if the local food would go well with me, so if I couldn’t eat it, I would have chosen to think about it^^;

We also procured chicken and Donuts at Shintake Station and headed to the hotel.

The shop around here is almost the same taste as that of Japan.

Rokufuku Village is an area where you can feel nature surrounded by mountains.

View from leofu resort Guancy hotel

The area of Rokufuku village where the hotel is located.

Do you come to the mountains like this on the way in a taxi?And it was the way while pounding (laughs)

The hotel is surrounded by nature, but it is full of different air from Japan.

The sunset from the animal hotel was beautiful.

The hotel looks great, but it’s a natural match.

Children can also be filled with excitement ^ ^

Animals of Leofu Resort Guancy

There are many activities at the hotel.

The hotel offers a variety of activities.

First of all, you can see the dance at the hotel entrance.

Musical instruments can also be performed with a tone and dance that can be imagined as savanna.

It is very cheerful and the atmosphere is good, so you can enjoy it.

Hotel-sponsored show

In addition, there is such a log house adjacent to the hotel

Here, you can also have a little crafting experience and various goods and a fee.

In addition, in the service of the hotel, “Purikura?I was able to take a picture of something like that and get it as a souvenir.

There is also the experience of interacting with animals.In fact, it is a plan that can get off to the animal area.

My children were very satisfied with the animals that we could see up close, so we didn’t need them^ ^;

There are a lot of activities in the hotel, so I thought I wouldn’t have too much time to stay.

Can I see the animals from my hotel room?

The hotel’s rooms are adjacent to the animal area.

In addition, the window is no more visible from the outside, so you can leave the curtains open and see the animals.

The walls of the room are savannah style?It has become a very fashionable wall.

The room was spacious and there was no bathtub, but there were two shower rooms.

The convenience of the room seen from the price range of the hotel is good, but because the interior is unified in savanna style, children are very excited about the space!

It was also good that there was a table enough to eat, and i was able to see the animals from there.

Our stay was in December, but the room was cool.

It is about whether it was good even if it was long sleeves when going to bed.The photo is a little dark, but in fact I think it’s a little brighter.

Depending on the room, there is a balcony, so does the view change considerably depending on the room?

However, the children went out and looked at the animals up close, so I thought that the location of the room didn’t really matter.

Because there are a lot of customers from Asia, it is more grateful as a parent that the room next door is quiet ^ ^