【YAMANASHI】 Gourmet Trip (Part 1) Visit to the Factory of Shingen Mochi!

Japan with Family

Yamanashi Prefecture Day Trip

The destination of this time is Yamanashi Prefecture.

I want to eat delicious food while feeling nature!And a day tour by car.

It is a plan to walk around Kawaguchiko from the area where the factory of Kikyo Shingen mochi which children love.

Tomica in the rigging slope SA of chuodo!

We stopped by Chuodo SA, there are Tomica shop! My son was exited looking them.

Sometimes I went to Kansai and Chugoku region by car, so I had various ways to stop by SA, but this was my first time in the Tomica area^ ^

There are various collections and even premium Tomica, and I enjoyed it enough just to see the Tomica system ^ ^

A town where peach blossoms are beautiful

First of all, we went to Kikyo Shingen Mochi Factory to go to Fuefuki City.It seems that peach blossoms are famous in this area, and you can see peach blossoms everywhere.The bright pink color was very beautiful.The Momogen-go Spring Festival seems to be held from March to April, and this time it was not in time for that period, but you can fully enjoy the peach blossoms even from the car.

To the factory tour of Kikyo Shingen mochi!

Shingen mochi is also a favorite for my children!The factory tour of Kikyo Shingen mochi was free of charge.”All-you-can-pack Shingen mochi” is famous?!It seems that the numbered ticket for all-you-can-pack participation ended at 7 o’clock in the morning on this day.Because it seems to be packed considerably, it is a must-see for the person of the favorite food!The children looked at it with envy too^^

In the factory, you can see the line of various products including Shingen mochi.What surprised me most was that the packaging of Shingen mochi was manual!The children were absorbed in watching them finish one by one.There is a crane that carries honey, and it is interesting because it also carries a large amount of black honey.I thought again that a factory tour can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

I tried the packaging experience of Kikyo Shingen mochi.

After the factory tour, there was a corner called “Shingen Mochi Packaging Experience”.I’ll pack the four in a small box.The cost is 390 yen.In a cute small box, because you can do the Shingen mochi packaging seen in the factory tour by yourself, the daughter of the elementary school student challenges! !It seems to be different from seeing and doing it, and I was puzzled at first, but at the end I was able to pack it well.Adults can also participate, it is recommended because it is just right as a souvenir ^ ^

Finally, ice cream!

After the factory tour, we had a soft serve ice cream for Shingen mochi!The soft serve ice cream is rich and very delicious!We also had a matcha flavor, but its richness is kyoto level (Tsujiri, Komori, etc., we has tasted the matcha shop of the Gion area).The sweetness is moderate, so you can eat it refreshingly, so it is recommended!

The souvenir corner is also substantial.

It is a Shingen mochi that is often seen in SA etc., but there are various kinds of products in the souvenir corner, and the package is Japanese style + colorful and wonderful, so it is perfect for souvenirs.In addition, there is a liquor sale in the back of the all-you-can-pack corner, and my husband buys a bottle of wine. The Kofu area is famous for Japanese wine. And there are a wide variety of sake, so I’m worried about choosing it^

In the outlet corner, you can buy rice crackers and cookies cheaply.There were a lot of people who bought rice crackers in large quantities here.

Parking is also free, so you can park a lot of cars, perfect for a little stop!It is ^ ^