Kyoto: Go to Kamigamo Shrine, a World Cultural Heritage Site with Children!What is the recommended spot nearby?

Japan with Family

This time, I visited Kamigamo Shrine with my children.In addition, in this area located in Kita-ku, there are recommended sweets and bread shops, and it is a very quiet area compared to the city of Kyoto.

[Kyoto] to Kamigamo Shrine with children!How do I get there?

Kamigamo Shrine is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.Until now, I have visited temples and shrines in places where are well accessible from all over the city with children, such as Yasaka Shrine, Nijo Castle, and Kinkakuji Temple.This is the first time I visited Kamigamo Shrine, and I was very concerned about “clean sand” and to receive energy as a power spot.I went to worship!!When I actually visit the shrine, it is rich in nature and very quiet.

Kamigamo Shrine also has a parking lot and access is good.Parking is available for a fee, but it costs 100 yen every 30 minutes.The parking lot was easy to park widely.There was a new and very splendid restroom next to the parking lot.

It was the first visit in the morning.

[Kyoto] lush shrine!I found it right now!”Clean Sand”

Even the precincts were very rich in nature.The child immediately found a grasshopper and couldn’t get to the precincts.

Looking for a grasshopper that starts for some reason

After going through the big Nino Torii gate, the first thing you can see is “Tarezuna”.I was surprised that it was about the height of a child!


Next to it, there was “Kiyome no Suna” and I want to get it anyway!I paid 500 yen per package and brought it back.I would like to treat like a charm.

Kyoto: Praying for a Wish in a Tanzaku(a strip of paper)

A lot of wishes were placed in the Tanzaku(a strip of paper).My family wrote a request at once.You can see this Tanzaku in the summer season.

There are a lot of wishes in the Tanzaku.

The river which flows by Temizusha was very beautiful.

Kyoto: It is a spot where you can feel the beauty of nature and shrines just by walking a little.

Kamigamo Shrine was a place where you can feel the power of the shrine naturally, which is a little different from the shrine that you can see in Kyoto city.Because it is very large, and it is an area where children can take a leisurely stroll, it is recommended.

[nice shops] Malebranche and Sinshindo is near Kamigamo shrine

After visiting Kamigamo Shrine, we went to a delicious bakery and a sweets shop.

In Kita-ku, there is the main store of Malebranche, and there is Shindhindo in the same alley.

Malebranche, you can buy sweets and cakes, or eat in.Not only Kyoto limited products, but also all brand products are available, it is also possible to purchase individually, and the cake is also rich in variety and was quite troubled.The children couldn’t stand the green tea cake and pudding and ate it by car.

Shinshindo is a bakery,and in Kitayama they has also a restaurant.So far, personally speaking of Kyoto bread, SHIZUYA!I thought, but I bought it at Shinshindo this time, and found that it was very delicious!The dough was very soft and delicious.(Unfortunately, I couldn’t take a picture because I was eating by car,) My daughter loves baguette.She seems to have become a favorite of The baguette made by Shinshindo.

Since both shops are very close to Kamigamo Shrine, after visiting in the morning, there is also fun to fill your stomach with delicious bread and cakes.

[About the spot introduced this time]

Kamigamo Shrine

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