Traveling abroad with children: Which sunscreen can be used for children,too?

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“Sunscreen” for travel to the beach area

When you travel to the area to the beach, you use sunscreen for children, whether you are in Japan or abroad.

Especially in areas where ultraviolet rays and sunlight are considered strong, children should also apply sunscreen properly and have fun playing on the beach.

For my family, when I traveled abroad to Hawaii and Bali, sunscreen was still essential.The strength of the sun is different from that of Japan!But now I can say,here is also hard for skin from sunshine.I think that the person who traveled knows.Compared to Hawaii and Bali, I felt that the sun was much stronger in Hawaii.

Climate in Bali (late August)

Bali felt the heat when walking around the city.However, I felt that it was very easy to spend time because the dry season in August was very nice, and the temperature was higher in Japan (because it was a summer day that exceeded 35 degrees in Japan).I also stayed in Ubud on my itinerary for a lot of time, and I had nothing to do with the heat.

Climate in Hawaii (early September)

On the other hand, the energy received from the sun in Hawaii was strong, and the temperature was high, so if I accidentally forgot about sunscreen, it burned completely^^; beach area still has sea breeze, but when I went to see Kamehameha The Great in the city, it was scorching.In addition, I also climbed diamond head, but there was no blocking the road to mountain climbing, and it was a condition such as a person burnt again here.

When I was using “sunscreen cream” for children

When I traveled to Hawaii, I used sunscreen for children.However, the proportion of SPF is also low for children, and it repaints every time it enters the pool.However, in the case of my family, first of all, my son doesn’t like to apply sunscreen, so it takes a lot of time and effort, and my daughter was too lazy to apply it many times.It is essential to wear a hat and go out, but sometimes it’s hot and you don’t like hats, so after all, the kids were tanned completely ^^;

SUNMEDIC that can be used by both adults and children

Before I went on a trip to Bali, I was trying to buy for children and adults.


At that time, “SUNMEDIC” was recommended by the clerk.In Shiseido’s sunscreen, the clerk said,

  • It can be used for both children and adults!Even a child with weak skin is okay!SPF50,also Less fragrance and easy to use it, small amount of it can be effective enough

And that.My son’s skin is a little dry and weak, so if it’s okay, why don’t you try it?!And.Also, even if you buy each, you can’t use it up, and if you only have one… And, I purchased.

I used it in Bali!Excellent ease of use!

“SUNMEDIC” brought to a trip to Bali.Anyway, it stretched well, and it did not become white because it was smoothly blended!In addition, there is almost no fragrance that the kids doesn’t dislike to attach!
It was easy for me to use it myself without sticking to it even after I put it on.
In Bali, I painted it before going to the beach or when the sun was strong.In the end, the children who enjoyed the pool all the time on the beach returned to Japan without feeling sunburned.My son didn’t have any abnormalities in his skin.
With a little amount, it is a cream that can be stretched well, and the skin familiarity which was smooth is very good, and it is a recommended sunscreen cream.(*^^*)