Where can I stay with my children in Legian?The Bandha Hotel is next to Legian Beach!

Bali with Family

When I reserve a hotel room with children,I need to think about a lot, such as location, security, atmosphere, food, etc…. this time I will tell you about The Bandha Hotel & Suites where my family stayed in the area of Legian Beach.The Bandha Hotel & Suites is a very beautiful and resort-friendly hotel.Although it is not an attraction-type pool, there is a pool where children can enjoy it, and it is also adjacent to the beach, so it has excellent access to the beach!The hotel was a great place for children to play with, even though they enjoyed the atmosphere of adults!

In front of the room on the fourth floor

[Legian with Children] The Bandha Hotel & Suites spend a relaxing time, but it is a place where children can enjoy it.

The second day in Bali.Children and adults want to spend relax time.After a long fright or time differences, we have to spend more refresh time.The first two or three days of the journey are “more laid back than active”.Such a setting is also a personal trip.

On the beach in front of the hotel.People can enjoy sparse and beautiful scenery

The Bandha Hotel & Suites is still a brand new hotel located right in front of Legian Beach.
The hotel is full of openness!They welcome us in a very warm atmosphere with welcome drink.
The pool and facilities are like an nice resort, but guests with children can feel very relaxed.Access to the Legian district is difficult if you don’t take a taxi, but on these two days we’ll have to relax on the beach or at the pool.If i had the extra power, I would go shopping.”The staff were very friendly and helpful.

Children play in the water at the hotel pool!

The hotel’s pool is not an attraction type, but it has a shallow pool and a deep pool, with decks lined up to surround it.There is also a slender pool next to the hotel room, where you can play.There are only adults.I felt in the atmosphere of the hotel, but surprisingly there are a lot of family members, and i often see small children.However, children can play in the pool while relaxing and relaxing, and it is helpful because eyes reach.

A children’s pool, jacuzzi and deep pool are connected

After check-in, the children went to the pool immediately!
The pool was divided into two places, and our house mainly used the kids pool.
Pool users are surprisingly few and have a low child rate, so you can enjoy getting along with kids from other countries.There is no such thing as a floating wheel, so bring it with you.

As soon as you leave the hotel, you will be on the beach!

Meal sat at Mozzarella By The Sea!!

From the hotel’s poolside, there is a restaurant called mozzarella By the Sea next door.
The restaurant here is also in the magazine.Rather, the map of the 2018 travel book showed this restaurant at the location of The Bandha Hotel & Suites.All seats open terrace.
Go through here, cross the road and see the beach!There is also a washing place where you can drop the sand of the foot, and there is a convenience that you can go straight after playing on the beach.So you don’t have to go back and forth in the room.I made a reservation for this restaurant in Japan in advance.
The response is very fast, and the clerk is also a wonderful correspondence!
They treated me very kindly to children.
More than anything, it’s an open terrace, so it’s pretty lively, and both adults and kids enjoyed delicious Italian food!

If you stay at The Bandha Hotel & Suites, you can pay for the post-fact with the room number, so it’s a lot of fun^^