[Kyoto-Hotel] recommended if you want to stay for a long time in Kyoto! RESI STAY HOTEL where you can enjoy even with Children

Japan with Family

In this article, I will tell you about the Hotel in Kyoto that my family used. This is a stay-type hotel where you can stay while living, and its convenience is also for families.

There are many hotels around Kyoto Station. Is it possible for a family to stay for a long time?

There is a relation of the homecoming for my family, too, and it is a place to go to Kyoto often. Since it is mostly a drive away, hotel search is usually with a parking lot, and it is a hotel where four family members can stay in one room. It is usually two nights at most, but this time it was a summer vacation, so it was a four-night, five-day trip. It is also the covid season, and the criteria for choosing a hotel are

  • There is a parking lot on site or nearby.
  • I can do the laundry.
  • Toilets and baths are different place.
  • The room is clean and no smoking.
  • There’s a place to sleep and a little living space

That was my main hope.

When I stay at a hotel for a long time, even if I go out during the day, I feel very cramped for four family members when I go home and the room is small. Overseas hotels have more family rooms than you think, and the size of the rooms is very large, so it’s very easy to use, but Japanese hotels offer a narrow choice and higher prices.

So, this time, I selected a hotel where I could stay. We used “RESI STAY Kumico Amaterrace” located within 10 minutes of Shijo Karasuma and Omiya Station.

[RESI STAY Kumico Amaterrace]close to the station with high convenience

“RESI STAY Kumico Amaterrace” is a hotel within a 10-minute walk, where you can use both Shijo Karasuma and Omiya Station on the map. It is located in a residential area, but the road to Shijo Karasuma, which leads to Shijo Kawaramachi, is easy to understand and convenient.Resi Stay Hotel is also in Higashiyama. But this time I used a car, so I wanted an area where private parking is easy to secure and the price range is cheap, so I made it to this hotel.They have also some nice service to use APP and give us many information in Kyoto.So It makes you more easy to stay in Kyoto.

What about the parking lot?

The hotel does not have parking, but there is coin parking everywhere around the hotel, and parking fees are conscientious both during the day and at night. If you walk from the RESI STAY Kumico hotel to Shijo Karasuma, there is a Mitsui Garden Hotel, but the parking fee is nearly twice as high from the time you cross the traffic light. In the case of my house, I used it on weekdays + had to leave the car during the day, but it cost about 900 yen to 2000 yen a day. Shijo Karasuma is very convenient as a food and beverage procurement and shopping street, so it was very convenient to be able to use the spot station without worrying too much about the parking fee.

[RESI STAY Kumico] What is the size of the room and the facilities?

The hotel is very well equipped for families. First of all, the use of the washing machine and the dryer is free. There is one on each floor, and there is detergent, too. When you have children, your clothes get dirty by unexpected things, you change clothes with sweat… and it’s summer time, and it’s also covid time, so you want to have less luggage, but you want to do laundry. In the case of overseas, laundry facilities are often substantial, so it is possible to wash without using room service as in Japan. Here, it is appreciated above all that it is with a dryer separately from the washing machine (it is made of Rinnai and it ends in one hour). Of course, because it is shared, I use it when I am free, but I can read time and it was very convenient. Irons and ironing boards are also available in the room.

The size of the room is not completely separated from the living space this time (there is no partition), but it was large enough to work on the computer and watch TV even after the child went to bed. It is convenient to have two TVs.

There was enough storage space such as a closet, and the toilet and the bath were different places. Of course, I had everything I needed, such as a kitchen and kitchen utensils, and it was easy to boil water, use a microwave oven, and wash things. I thought that it was unpleasant to accumulate garbage, but because there was also a garbage dump outside the first floor, I was able to dispose of it each time. The fridge was a little small, but enough to cool the beer and tea.

Can’t you clean it up?

There was no cleaning during the stay. There is also a vacuum cleaner in the room, so I can clean up when they watch TV in the morning. Towels cannot be added, but they prepare enough according to the length of stay and the number of people. In addition, there was no problem in particular because it was possible to store it neatly if I used a washing machine. Overall, it was very clean and safe with children.

One thing this hotel is different from a regular hotel is that it is set at the accommodation fee + cleaning fee. The cleaning fee is set at the rate of 1 cleaning, for a day or a long stay. If it’s only for one night, a general hotel might better to stay.

There is also a convenience store and a supermarket nearby.

There are 7-Eleven and supermarkets near the hotel, so convenience is very high. The distance to the station is also good, especially the surrounding environment is very quiet, so it is quiet to sleep soundly at night. There is no ups and downs by the station, and if you are with small children, you can use a stroller. Unfortunately, there is no rental bicycle shop nearby, so I didn’t go on a bicycle trip this time.

[Kyoto Hotel] Let’s choose the Hotel according to the purpose of your stay!

Because I came to travel with great great time … the Hotel to choose will change in the case of relaxing slowly with breakfast in the hotel stay, and when you want to act actively and want to reduce the cost of staying because there are many days. In the case of Japanese hotels, if you stay in a single family room, the price will go up a lot (depending on the new and old facilities, of course). Compared to the overseas accommodation situation, the cost of accommodation in Japan is still high. Therefore, if you want to stay consecutive nights in Kyoto, we recommend staying at this hotel.

Other hotels that my family has used are Daiwa Roy Net Hotel and Tokyu Hotel. This is also available for families, and there is also a parking lot. There is also good access to Kyoto Station and Shijo Kawaramachi, but it is not a lively place at night. It is a recommended to stay.

[Hotel introduced this time]

“RESI STAY Kumico Amaterrace” official website: https://resistay.jp/en/