[Ubud with children]I went to Ubud Market and Japanese restaurant!

Bali with Family

It is an article about ubud stroll.To Ubud, we came from Legian by Hotel’s car charter!We made two stops on the way to Ubud, so we arrived at afternoon.So we decided to go out Ubud city and have a dinner there!We went to a Japanese restaurant for dinner at the request of our children.

From Legian to Ubud: On the first day of Ubud, we took a leisurely stroll in the afternoon.

After check-in the Hotel, the time is before 16 o’clock.The hotel’s shuttle bus is available to the center of Ubud.On the way back, I decided to pick up a taxi in the city, so I checked the taxi fare of the hotel to ubud center in advance.Because I heared that a Taxi in Ubud has no meter,so I have to negotiate before I ride a Taxi.Its normal way here in Ubud. Its also hard to find the taxi, but you can try.I could catch the Taxi and take it

  • Visit Ubud Palace
  • Buy A Round traditonal shoulder bag at Ubud Market
  • While strolling, we went to the Japanese restaurant “Ramien”.
  • Go to a soap shop called “KOH”
  • pick up a taxi and go home

That, to the plan.

Ubud Palace

Ubud Palace, under acclaimed renovation…

First, take the shuttle bus to the city where Ubud Palace is located.
There are many one-way streets in Ubud, so if you’re a car, you’ll go to the center with a feeling of going around.
The atmosphere is a little different from the beach-based city, and it has a relaxed atmosphere like a japanese hot spring town.
There are a lot of cars and people, but i don’t think there is any atmosphere of garbage.
Ubud Palace was partially renovated, but you could see the famous crackgate.Even though there were people on the road because of renovations, the royal palace photography alone was sparse.
On the street, there were a few people selling dance tickets in Ubud.
I wanted to see the dance but these show time was late and long for my children.And unfortunatelly,my son doesn’t like a darkness and loud sounds…so I hope that we will see Ubud dance show next time.

Ubud Palace

To Ubud Market!To the stall with a lot of products as interesting!

We took a glimpse of Ubud Palace and went to Ubud Market.
My sister wanted a traditional shoulder bag.This bag seemed popular, tourist girls from various countries had!Speaking of Bali, this is it!I felt like I said that.
From among the many patterns, choose the one you like, negotiate the price with two pieces, and buy it.

Small goods are scattered in the shop.

We wandered from Ubud Market to a Japanese restaurant.

There are a lot of bikes in the town of Ubud!There are a lot of shops and it is a pleasant street.

【Japanese food in Ubud】At the restaurant “Ramien”, it’s been a long time since the soy sauce taste

When I stopped by, it was a small shop with a small open terrace style.
However, there are many variations of Japanese food, and both the taste and the price are good shops.More than anything, the children were happy to eat it.
Especially, the son who likes rice was stuck in the white rice after a long time.
The taste was good, and the Ramen was delicious, too.
The staff were very friendly and helpful.

At Ramien, Ubud

Basically, a restaurant with an open terrace

In Ubud, the restaurant is basically an open terrace.
However, the insect was not anxious, and the inside of the shop was beautiful, too.
In addition, it was very pleasant because of the temperature that was comfortable because there was time of the dry season.