【Bali Ubud】What is the place to enjoy with children in Ubud?Meet a lot of monkeys in Monkey Forest and experience nature!

Bali with Family

“Monkey Forest” in Ubud is an area full of nature that can be easily accessed from the city.There is not only a lot of monkeys, but also there are various buildings, waterfalls, bridges, etc. In this forest, it was an area that both children and adults can enjoy in a little adventure mood!

Monkey Forest Monkey

Can you meet a lot of “monkeys” around Monkey Forest?!

The hotel where my family stayed was a villa type room of “Ubud Wana Resort”.The villa-type rooms are annexed and are located just next to the back street of Monkey Forest, where you can get a cart from the front desk of the hotel.It takes less than a five-minute walk to the hotel’s main building.The back gate of Monkey Forest is right next to it, but there were a lot of parents and children of monkeys especially in the morning in the vicinity!In other words, not only in the forest, but also in the vicinity, you can meet monkeys well ^^However, our children love animals!So, we went sightseeing there in the morning of the day to move to Kuta! Even if I look at it slowly at the child’s pace, is it about two hours?In the guidebook, there are only pictures of monkeys, so what kind of place is it?There was a question, but it is full of nature, and it is an area that children enjoyed very much!

[Monkey Forest] building of the temple that seems to be Bali when passing through the gate

Buildings in Monkey Forest
Buildings in Monkey Forest

Monkey Forest is also open from the back gate.Inside, there is a Balinese stone structure, and nature is full, so you can feel the fresh air.Monkeys can be found everywhere, but in the morning, in the place where there is food, there are a great number of monkeys!It was fun just to watch, and the monkeys were smaller than the monkeys we saw at the Zoo in Japan, and the children were not afraid.

Buildings in Monkey Forest
Temples in Monkey Forest

It’s like a jungle maze?!Can you have an adventure?!

Inside monkey forest

Monkey Forest is surrounded by nature, but it is lined with trees that seem to have entered the jungle.It’s like crossing a bridge or going up and down on a little mountain path stairs, a little maze-like.Humidity is also a little high in this area?I felt.In addition, if you go together towards the tourists, the waterfall flows, and it is close to the immediate vicinity, but there is a road that tickles the sense of adventure for the child a little, such as going forward while yielding a narrow road to each other.Of course, keep an eye on the kids!

Waterfalls in Monkey Forest
Waterfalls in Monkey Forest
Small pond in monkey forest!

Cute Monkeys!But sometimes you need to be careful.

The monkey who gathers when there is food

When tourists give bananas, monkeys gather.Because it is small, there is charm, and children are also interested.

That’s it!If you have food or drinks in front of monkeys, or if you put them in and out of your bag, in no time!A monkey came to you and approached your luggage as if to ask him to give it to me for a moment.There was a tourist who took a picture with the monkey who climbed up to the bag^;

Monkey Forest has a large number of foreign tourists, however when my family came to visit, we didn’t see many Japanese people.If it is a guide book in Japan, “Is it a park with a monkey?”I felt only about, but when I actually went there, I could meet jungle nature, quite a monkey, various buildings and monuments, etc., and it was a very satisfying area for parents and children!The monkey forest is quite wide, but my son, who usually doesn’t like to walk, was moving around on his own.

【Recommended Café】After Monkey Forest, take a break at Bohemian Cafe

Bohemian Café
Bohemian Café
Inside the Bohemian Café

After enjoying the Monkey Forest, we enjoyed a cup of tea at the Bohemian Café on the open terrace right next to the monkey forest back gate!This café is adjacent to the Bali Bohemia Hotel.(The next door is a villa at Ubudwana Resort) I ate gelato with children here, and it was exquisite!!It’s a small café, but you can eat and have dinner.The staff were very friendly and helpful!This café is located on the monkey forest passing through the city center, but it is not crowded because it is still on the city side, so I was able to rest comfortably ^ ^

Ice cream at Bohemian Café
At Bohemian Cafe

【Ubud Stay】 Monkeys came to visit us in the villa!

Monkeys who came to the villa
At the villa

When I stayed at Ubud Wana Villa Resort, a monkey came to visit us from Monkey Forest!I was afraid to give bananas at Monkey Forest, so I didn’t bring any fruit, but the monkeys came to the aisles of the villa, so the children were happy to give them some fruit.You can see the monkeys up close in the villa, and Ubud was able to enjoy meeting nature and animals, and it was a memorable stay for children!Ubud that you can feel the nature of Bali is still recommended!

Monkeys who came to the villa
In front of the villa