FUKU INDAH: You can experience Balinese traditional costumes!Its also nice to access here.

Bali with Family

Balinese Traditional costumes are famous.You can take a commemorative photo in such a Balinese traditional costume!This time, my family challenged to take a picture in “Fukuindah”!It was a very easy experience plan to take a picture in a short time, to pick up and drop me, and to be able to understand Japanese.

Bali Photo: In front of Fuku inda

【FUKUINDAH】To the photo gallery where you can wear traditional Balinese costumes

My daughter can try Balinese costumes!Because of that, we decided to have them take a picture at a shop called FukuIndah.

The location is in Denpasar, but when I tell you about the hotel, they will pick me up.In addition, when you make a reservation in advance, you can exchange it by e-mail, so you have a sense of security.We made the payment in dollars cash and brought dollars from Japan.

Because it was said that it sent it to the return, my family was going to move the hotel to legian district, and when I asked in advance, it was willing to send us by car!

【FukuIndah】The photography staff is OK in Japanese?!Is it easy to dress and change clothes?

The shop was ok in Japanese, and many Japanese people seemed to come.I wonder if the shooting took about an hour.I was surrounded by many staff members, dressed and dressed.From costumes to make-up, it was very very quick, and the photography was well set up, so i enjoyed it without getting tired of the kids.In addition, even with my personal camera, the photos during and after the photo were OK.

When you enter the first floor, you will find such a monument.

The photo was made into an album and received on the spot.I didn’t take more time than I thought, and i think it’s enough to fit in the form of using the subtle free time of movement.This shop is located in the center of Denpasar, and they pick me up and explain it in Japanese, so i had a meaningful time.