Bali with Children: Stay near the airport on the first day of arrival-Stay at H Sovereign Hotel (Denpasar)!

Bali with Family

The arrival in Bali is over in the evening, so the hotel is as close to the airport as possible!The first day in Travel,espacially we arrive at night,we don’t need a great time in Hotel.Just slI want to sleep on the day of arrival, and then i can rest as soon as possible and not leave tired the next day!Book a H Sovereign Hotel near the airport!The hotel was very convenient and the shuttle service to the airport was very convenient!

Singapore to Bali

【Bali with Children】The criteria for choosing a hotel are

Our children are four and seven years old.It is still possible to sleep enough.International hotels accept children’s sleep free of charge, depending on the rules.In addition, it is a welcome setting for families, such as the number of people available per room can be used by more than 4 people, or it can be used in connecting rooms.In other words, it is more affordable than in Japan because you can book by the number of rooms, not the number of people.For more information, i thought about the plan of staying near the airport on the first day and moving to Legian from the second day.

【Bali with Children】 Close to the airport!We stayed at H Sovereign Hotel.

A free shuttle bus from the airport takes you to a 5-minute drive at H Sovereign Hotel.I got off the plane at about nine o’clock at night, picked up my luggage, and left the gate.Then, because it would be only accommodation, the hotel was cheap, convenient, and breakfast was attached, so I decided to sovereign.I chose a connecting room and it was about 6000 yen in two rooms.(When you stayed in August 2018) It is a very kind and homey hotel.

When i picked up my luggage, i was waiting for a stroller to go missing, even though the shuttle bus time I had booked was significantly different.The staff were very friendly and helpful.One point, if it’s a difficult point, i wonder if it’s around the water.Whether it is the structure of the shower room, the structure of the drainage, or depending on the room… the smell around the water was worrisome.Of course, room was clean and nice.The kids were perfectly fine, and it was only one night on the first day, so I thought it would be good.The breakfast was very good.Before we left for lunch on the second day, we ate at the hotel restaurant, Italian food and Nashi Goreng were very tasty.

Choosing a place on the first day = giving priority to time to rest rather than spending time on the move

After all, on the day of arrival, i don’t go out, it’s a nice hotel as cheap and convenient as possible.If you’re on a long flight and travel for a long time, you’ll be affected by the next day.This time, we made it a hotel in Denpasar near the airport, so we were able to take a rest.In Bali, there are more hotels in bali, besides the beaches, around the airport, and depending on your travel plans, you may find that you have accommodation in the city.

Most of all, I think it was a very good start for the children to be treated gently by the Indonesian people who are “nice to meet me”.