[Children and Bali] Is there a spot where you can stop by on the way from Ubud to Kuta?!Stop at Pura Taman Ayun by car charter

Bali with Family

A car charter that is very convenient for a private trip in Bali.When you travel from Ubud to Kuta, you can use a short car charter and stop by on the way.So we decided to stop by Pura Taman Ayun, which is located just halfway between Ubud and Kuta.

Move from Ubud to Kuta!What is the schedule for the travel date?

The schedule of the day we move from Ubud to Kuta is

  • Morning: Tea at Monkey Forest & Cafe
  • Before noon: Check-out
  • Lunch: Go to Kuta (Pan’s car charter 4 hours)
  • Afternoon: Stop at Taman Ayun Temple and eat a little late
  • After 15:00: Arrive at Kuta “Hard Rock Hotel”

Was.I moved around firmly in monkey forest, and after having a delicious tea in the café, I moved around the car.It’s not a long road to Kuta, but I asked for a car charter, so I decided to visit Pura Taman Ayun, where I could stop by without going a long way.My stomach was full of cafes, so I set lunch a little late.

From Ubud to Kuta: The stop by car charter is “Pura Taman Ayun”

Pura Taman Ayun is said to be the most beautiful temple in Bali.There was also a desire to show the children a historic temple, so we decided to stop by.We visited the temple under Mr. Pan’s guide.The children were also impressed by the “Balinese” and “historic stone” structures of Pura Taman Ayun. Mr. Pan also speaks Japanese well and showed me the temple, so it was good that the children seemed to understand.The temple was spacious and tourists were able to see slowly, wondering if it was a time that was small in the time of lunch.

Entrance to Taman Ayun Temple

It’s wide and beautiful!Balinese temple

It was a very beautiful and solemn impression from the vicinity of the temple.

Inside the temple, there is no up and down like a staircase, it is easy to walk.Go through the cracking gate and walk through the spreading gardens.I walk around the precincts, but the scenery changes depending on where I see it, and the scenery like a picture spreads.You can feel the “Balinese” and the mysterious atmosphere is overflowing.

Children take a lot of pictures?!A place where you can feel the history

My children were also fun to take a picture!From a child’s point of view, you can take surprisingly good photos, so the camera is left to the children ^^;It seemed to be able to feel a different culture from Japan, and the voice of the impression was raised while walking ^ ^ The inside of the temple was not wide enough to be tired of walking, so it was just the right size for children to see while walking.If you have a guide with you, you can take a commemorative photo at the best spot.

[From Ubud to Kuta] Eat delicious Chinese food at Warn Laota (old age university)!

After enjoying Pura Taman Ayun, the children said each other “I’m hungry.”

On the way to the Hard Rock Hotel, is there a recommended restaurant?When I asked Mr. Pan, he said, “How about a Chinese restaurant where you can eat delicious porridge?”The answer is.

Porridge in Bali?!

I was interested in, decided to head right away.That was the Kuta store in Warun Laota.

The inside of the shop was spacious and beautiful.I had Mr. Pan help me with my order.Don’t you want to porridge!!It is in a big bowl, and it is a form to share with everyone.I ordered about two kinds, and this was also delicious! It was a gentle taste, and the children ate a lot, too.The taste was also good and very delicious!On this day, perhaps because I walked well at Monkey Forest and Pura Taman Ayun in the morning, food progressed considerably ^^; It is the perfect shop for a stomach rest in Bali!There are many people with children, and the inside of the shop is spacious and easy to use.Because there is also a toilet, it is a recommended restaurant when moving between Ubud and Kuta.

The menu is substantial and I’m just asking too much^^;