【Bali with Children】Which Hotels is recommended in Kuta? Hard rock hotel is the great hotel staying with children!

Bali with Family

We stayed at “Hard Rock Hotel Bali” in Kuta area.The Hard Rock Hotel Bali is a pool area where children and adults can enjoy it to their heart’s content, and it has good access to music, events, shopping and food, so you can enjoy special time with your kids with peace of mind!I’ll tell you about the hard rock hotel Bali that my family spent!

Hard Rock Hotel Bali in Kuta area

My last place in Bali was Kuta area and my family stayed at Hard Rock Hotel Bali.Speaking of Hard Rock Hotel, it is a hotel that is always listed as a hotel for children in japanese tour brochures.The hotel’s location faces kuta beach across the road, but is the main entrance to climbing a gentle slope from the hotel’s security gate.If you leave the hotel and go to the right, you will also find the Beach Walk Shopping Centre.In addition, there are a lot of shops in a lively street until going to the shopping center.The sidewalk is narrow, but I was able to use a stroller.There is also a second gate in the hotel, and if you use the entrance, there is also a street lined with stylish clothes and general stores, which is very interesting.The Kuta area is an area with a slightly different atmosphere from Legian and Ubud.We stayed in the “Loft Room” of Hard Rock Hotel Bali for two nights and three days.

Is the inside of the hotel full of music?!

As soon as I entered the hotel, I felt the interior of the hotel with “music” in mind and its size!It is.There is a large bar with a stage in the center of the hotel.There is also a security door in the hotel room.In the hotel, you can buy official goods at the hard rock shop, there is a radio station in the hotel, you can listen in the room.At first, is the inside of the hotel quite rocky and dark?I thought without permission, but it was completely different.There is a sense of openness in the hotel, and the courtyard is big and green can be felt.Even though it’s a bar, the decorations are very nice with guitar exhibits and various photos, and there is no hard-to-approach atmosphere.In addition, there were a lot of families of the family class from all countries, and the appearance to enjoy music with the child was seen ^ ^

【Hard Rock Hotel Bali】 Surprised by the size of the pool and the enhancement of the children’s pool!!Children and adults can enjoy it!

The hotel’s pool has a huge beach area with two waterslides, a large deep pool, a shallow pool, sandy beaches, a beachbar, a swimming pool and a pool with children’s playground equipment.Beach towels can be rented free of charge by presenting a card key, and floating rings can be rented for a fee.We brought beach goods with us^ ^ The sunshine is going to enter the whole beach, and the water temperature is moderate.Beach chairs and bungalows on the beach side?there is a problem.You can order food and drink on the beach side, so if you want to have lunch or if you want to move around, I think it’s convenient to use a bungalow.It seems to be able to eat and drink on the beach side.Families are the main use of the pool, and you can meet children from various countries.The children’s pool is shallow, but it was still large enough for elementary school students to play.The sandy beach was also wide and suitable for playing in the sand^ ^ My son was four and a half years old and had access to a water slide.My family has been traveling for a long time, so I decided not to play in the pool all day, so I decided to use the pool, but the pool beach at hard rock hotel is just “all day long play” area!!

The breakfast hall is very crowded!I also meet many Japanese people.

Breakfast is served at the restaurant, which also has an open terrace seat at the hotel.I think that the breakfast hall here was the most crowded in the hotel where I stayed in Bali.Of course, I met a lot of Japanese tourists^ ^ Breakfast is American buffet style, and there is no reason.I ate ramen in the morning and had a wide variety of bread.Open terrace seating was also available, and we were able to eat comfortably in the morning.The terrace seats are a little far from the way to get a meal, but it is recommended ^ ^

【Hard Rock Hotel Bali】Can you listen to band performances at night?!

Bar with stage.There seem to be various productions and events, and when you check in, they will give you a schedule of events for that time of year.In the evening, there is a band performance separated by one hour, and you can watch it freely while eating and drinking at the bar.Even if it is said that it is a bar, there is no air which is hard to enter by any means, and it is an open and casual feeling.The bar is also large, counter seats, box seats, table seats, etc.Bartenders are also friendly and friendly and talk about various things.The whole family, and there is a figure that the child also enjoys music together from grandma.They also give the song to the bartender and play it on the spot if the band can play it!Because it is exciting again by this, it is interesting ^ ^

【Hard Rock Hotel Bali】What are the hotel rooms?We were using a loft room

We used a loft room.The loft room has a twin room with a spiral staircase and a loft room with a king-size bed.We used it with three adults and two children.The loft room had curtains, and although there was no TV, there was luggage on the side and electricity for the loft.My aunt and daughter used the loft, but the children were having fun, and the pool break in the room brought toys to the loft and played with them.The room was clean and comfortable, although the balcony was not available and the bathroom was a little small.The audio and interior decoration of the room were very cool, also the rock feeling?Unlike the Balinese-like hotel i’ve stayed in so far, it was an entertainment atmosphere, and this was also wonderful ^ ^

In fact, around June, when my family was about to make a reservation, the Hard Rock Hotel was renovating a room and there was no room that could be booked in one family room.There was a family room, but it was sold out.So, at first I was thinking of the Mercure hotel next door, but at the end of the renovation, I was able to book some types of rooms, including loft rooms!Until now, it was a two-room type, so it was difficult to imagine what a loft room was like, but the loft also had a big bed, so I decided to use this room!When I used it, my family was a two-night, three-day process, and the pool and shopping during the day, and the stay at the hotel during the day was like taking a break, so the loft room was enough.The hotel was so large that I felt a little cramped, but the children liked the loft room very much!In word of mouth, depending on the room, the sound of the evening event may be noisy or noisy in the room, but the entrance to the room is a double door, or because the sound of the night live was not enough to be worried about.Especially, children sleep at night because they play in the pool well during the day^^

【Bali with Children】Enjoy the Hard Rock Hotel!How do I spend the Kuta area?

The two days before i returned to Japan, the children were aimed at playing full of swimming pools and adults enjoying shopping and massage, so it was a very fulfilling two days.Kuta is an area that you can enjoy actively rather than spend your time.As a tourist spot, there is the most old feeling, and it is lively.On the other hand, in terms of security, I felt a different atmosphere from Legian and Ubud, so I tried not to walk alone as much as possible.There are many shops within walking distance from the Hard Rock Hotel, so there are no taxis, and walking around was enough.If you’re traveling with children, you can enjoy the Hard Rock Hotel to your heart’s content, so I recommend it!