Bali with Children: What can I recommend to get to Ubud?The car charter is the best way to Ubud.

Bali with Family

We moved from Legian to Ubud, we requested a car charter at a hotel in Legian.The hotel has a flat-rate car charter option that goes in different directions, so you can ask the hotel you are staying at.

Taxi chartered at hotel

It is a day to go from Legian to Ubud.I requested a charter at the front desk the day before.Because, there are a lot of luggage such as a suitcase for five people, but I want to finish it with one, and I do not want to slap it on the day.Therefore…I told the purpose at the front desk and booked a taxi.It was very smooth until check-out.

Then we checked out and got into a charter car.

Mr. Driver,

“It’s all about Ubud Wana Resort.I’ll stop by on the way.

“OK” and smile dare not take it to a strange place because it is a hotel arrangement.

Apparently, on the way to Ubud, it seems like it’s normal to show tourists around.

[Legian to Ubud] car charter stop by way?!To the place with the coffee garden and nature swing

The coffee garden seems to be a stopover spot by car charter when going to Ubud from various directions.The staff of the coffee garden also showed the tourist of the car charter which came one after another, and the arrangement was very smooth.

Such a statue welcomes you.

When i got off the taxi, my uncle who showed me around the park was waiting and guided me to the park.It was Kopi Luwak’s jacocate, famous for its Balinese coffee.


The coffee made with the beans swallowed by this jacocat seems to be famous in Bali, and the explanation etc. were various.

A scene in the park.It’s like a jungle, and it’s so beautiful.

The park is like a well-maintained jungle, and the children are very excited!After some explanation, we could try tasting dozens of teas, coffee, herbal tea, cocoa and so on.

Where to taste the coffee

【Experience in the coffee garden】challenge the nature swing 

Challenge the swing!

After that, only adults could try nature swing!We had to pay per person but its not expensive.I didn’t have a guidebook that I had brought with me, but I was able to experience a little attraction!and challenge.I couldn’t do it with my children, but I seemed to enjoy just watching them, and i was laughing.It’s funny when you ride and it’s really scary!!!Moreover, because i needed my strength, I was bumpy.But if you shout out to nature, you’ll be stressed out!The adult group was very satisfied ^^

I jumped out with great force, and in front of me was a jungle

After shopping at the coffee shop, charter car took us  to our next destination.

Next is a Gamelan and silver accessories shop.It was very expensive, and the hand did not come out.Its ok just looking. My daughter bought a small Gumanball necklace^^

Then we arrived at UbudWana Resort in time for check-in in the afternoon.Without wasting time, in a fun move, because it became a little break point, i was able to move without getting tired of the child ^^

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