【HIROSHIMA】Miyajima with children: Worship (part 2)

Japan with Family

【Hiroshima】If you come to Miyajima, this is it.

Now, in the souvenir district, there are a lot of fashionable restaurants and cafes that have been renovated from old houses, and there are starbucks, and MOMIJI-MANJYU(it’s originally sweet cakes) are manufactured single-mindedly across the street.Until then, I tried a stylish café and it was very delicious, but it was a little expensive to go with my children, and there was a sense of volume.So, my family always stops by the tea shop of “Fujiiya”.

The buns that are made in front of me

There are a lot of MOMIJI-MANJYU shops in the souvenir district, but the big shop is like manufacturing, selling, and eat-in buns, so you can see the taste and buy it.Among them, my family is always a wisteria shop.Behind the production line, there is a tea room, and you can enjoy freshly made koshian and other favorite buns as a set with tea.

Take a break with a bun

Children’s Exciting Point (5) The stomach is filled with a short break!

When I visited the shrine from noon and started to snack time.But you can’t give me time to have tea slowly.In such a case, take a rest here.The tea is delicious and makes it cold for children.In addition, you can order additional buns.Above all, koshian(sweet beans taste) is freshly made!

I can’t take it off!This is what adults eat.

Yes, oysters ^ ^ Grilled oyster shops are always lined up.After looking at the souvenirs, eating the buns, and buying them, the adults baked oysters after the children were satisfied.However, my son also ate it carelessly.The oyster I ate on this day was very good size and delicious!!It was 400 yen for two grains!(If it was a small grain, one bonus was done.)

It was quite big!

If you want to Lunch with beer, go to the restaurant”MIYAJIMA BREWERY”

“MIYAJIMA BREWERY” is the resutaurant there can drink a various of kraft beer and have a nice Lunch and Dinner cuisine. And they have also nice view seats and a bar counter.When I went to the restaurant with my children,there were many tourists around the world.We enjoyed eating Lunch and Beer^^

on the website ; MIYAJIMA WREWERY

On the way back, we watched a wonderful sunset.

And by the time I get home, dusk will be there.I’m leaving in the afternoon, and if I have about half a day, I wonder if I can watch it slowly.However, if you incorporate temples and aquariums, it will be hard if you don’t have a day.There is also a cable car, so you can enjoy the mountains without worship.However, there are many spots where children are happy and “never gets tired” just by visiting the shrine, and more than anything that adults can enjoy, I didn’t eat this time, but I can also eat anagomeshi and okonomiyaki. Miyajima is the good place that you can fully enjoy even with children.

On the ferry on the way back
It looks like Kannon lying down.