Bali with children : Legian City – Seminyak can be enjoyed with children?

Bali with Family

City of Legian: Seminyak area is an area with a lot of shops with a very stylish atmosphere.There are many cars on the street, but shopping malls and restaurants are plentiful and there is a supermarket, so it’s very convenient to go shopping !We also took a taxi to Seminyak.I’ll tell you how it is!

Seminyak Square

To Kayuaya Street in Seminyak, a fashionable town!!

On the third day, we love to stay in Legian.We have a foot massage and eat delicious meal and also relax Beach. So we planed to go to Kayuaya street and fun shopping.My sister likes cute miscellaneous goods too, so after we were playing at the Hotel pool, we went to Kayuaya Street for lunch and shopping.Take a taxi at the hotel, and leave!

For the time being, we aim at Seminyak Square.

Is seminyak square still easy to stop a taxi? There is a parking lot,so we could get out there.And there is a monument of “ILOVEBALI”, a souvenir shop, and a clothes shop here, it becomes a petit shopping mall.


high !!!Souvenir supplies were more expensive I thought. There were a lot of fashionable accessories,and we could find more originally goods in the shopping mall (Seminyak Village), but it was still expensive.Also, because the bali towel was one digit different from my guidebook, I reluctantly gave up.

Very stylish café

Lunch Burger 

There are many lunch spots in Seminyak Area!

After leaving the shopping mall, there was a road leading to Kayuaya Street, and just around the corner, we had lunch at this stylish food store.Hamburgers and sandwiches.The taste was very delicious and full, but I wonder if I waited more than 30 minutes after ordering.Well, when is it good to wait leisurely?There are plenty of restaurants along Kayuaya Street, so don’t worry about lunch!

Aiming for “The Shang Semnyak” on Kayuaya Street

“The shang Semnyak” is a grocery store that my daughter wanted to go to.I aimed while taking a walk along the street single-mindedly.To be honest, the sidewalks are narrow, there are a lot of people and cars, and the road is whether it was paved or not.It was possible to pass the stroller for the time being, but if it was a child of the size that the holding string was able to be done, the holding string was good^^; my child got on and got off, and the elementary school student was able to walk, but the child below was safe.While stopping by supermarkets, clothing stores and general stores on the way, i purchased a glove compartment and a basket bag in The Shang.This was affordable.

Surprisingly expensive?!Beach Goods

Our family brought floats and bathing suits from Japan, but we didn’t bring toys to play in the sandbox.In order to do that, floats and other things were very cheap in Hawaii, and in Taiwan, plastic toys were cheaply available.I was predicting that I would be able to get a cheap sandpit set.

The bathing suit was comparatively affordable, but the beach goods and the sandbox set are expensive!And it was a brand that can be bought in Japan.The sandpit set is also 100 uniform and seemingly the type of thing… but it is expensive.I was a little disappointed in parental ^^;

If you’re shopping with your children, maybe kuta?!

Later, I’ll tell you in kuta, but i’m still full ya kuta area for shopping with children.However, because it is an area where a lot of fashionable goods are sold, the feeling of having lunch is recommended.The sense of the width of the road is narrow, and there are a lot of cars, so i wonder if boys need to be especially careful.There are some places in the Seminyak area where you can enjoy the streets, so if you stay around here, i wonder if you can take a little walk around.I also thought ^^