【Children and Bali】 Join the tour Elephant Camp!How do I make a reservation?Can children enjoy it?

Bali with Family

I want to enjoy activities in Bali with my kids!If you have small children, an elephant ride experience is recommended!Adventure with an elephant in the wilderness!It’s a great activity for both adults and children to enjoy.This time, we participated in the tour of “BALI ELEFANT CAMP”!

【Bali elephant ride experience】 How do I book a BALI ELEFANT CAMP tour?

We have decided to book an official tour offered by Elephant Camp.Of course, it is a tourist spot that is posted a lot on Japanese sites such as charter companies and option tours, but I thought”Is it not difficult for me to reserve this tour myself?because they have official tour with transfer.”So if you want to go only there, you can book the tour on the official website.Its a bit cheaper than the other tour.

The important thing is not to hold back on booking in English, “tell the other person about your anxiety, and wait for the response.”

【Bali Elephant Riding Experience】 Let’s make a reservation before your trip!

Reservations can be made from the official website.Search for BALI ELEFANT CAMP and you’ll find it right away.Prices are “ONLINE RATE” for online bookings.The price includes transfers, meals, welcome drinks and insurance.

Decide when to book according to your itinerary.

The pick-up schedule is three times a day.My family made a flight that departs around 9:30.The transfer was not a ride, but it might be a ride depending on the number of people, so it is better to check.If you leave around 9:30, lunch time will be around 11 o’clock.In the case of our house, my son got car sickness on the way, and there was a little waiting time until the site was crowded and I got on the elephant, so I ended up eating lunch at about 12 o’clock.

Things will proceed according to the schedule posted on the site, but I think that it depends on the local reservation status of the day only on time, so I think that the schedule will be a little back and forth.From Ubud, you don’t run in a particularly congested area, you can feel like an adventure, such as going along a jungle road, and you won’t get bored (laughs) You leave Ubud and get there within an hour.

You can enjoy a long time riding an elephant.

Fill out Make Booking

We have applied for a tour with only an elephant ride experience, but there are also activity plans such as rafting and spa, so let’s choose the tour of your choice.

As for the hotel, if you are staying in Villa and are away from the hotel’s main building, you will be asked by the Elephant Camp reply email.Keep your local email address or whatsapp, Viber, and other ways to get in touch with them.If you have any personal questions in the “Message” column, you will receive an answer when you reply.My family asked questions such as contact in case of cancellation.The response from the elephant camp staff is also quick and polite, so it’s a good idea to make sure you’re worried about it.

【Bali Elephant Ride Experience】 Elephant Camp Tour Day


What kind of clothes are good on the day?

In particular, it didn’t get dirty.My family was a tour during the dry season, so it didn’t rain.It is safe to be dirty, but the photograph can also be taken in various poses with the elephant, so I challenged without worrying about it.Children may be able to take off their shoes, so I think it’s better not to take off shoes and sandals.You can take as many cameras, mobile phones and videos as you want, but you need to be careful not to drop them.Because the seat surface of the zoo is high, and it shakes, it is better to put the holder so as not to fall.

Elephant riding is 30 minutes!Take an elegant walk in the woods

Some elephant-riding older brothers can speak a little Japanese.There are a lot of Japanese tourists, too.They are kind enough to show you around.When I took pictures, they stopped and kept pace with the elephants.My son was scared before he got on (when he was scared in the first place), but he was very excited when he got on!!!It was the most fun to get a car drunk like a lie!

After the ride, if you buy feed, you can feed the elephant on the spot.Children are also very excited about elephants eating bananas and pineapples at close range!!For animal-loving children, the experience here was a very special time.

follow the forest road
Take pictures everywhere
Jambon in the water!
I’ll feed you “Thank you”

There is also a chocolate shop in the waiting time!

Chocolate Shop

There is also a chocolate shop in elephant camp.The package and the sense of size are fashionable, and it is perfect for a souvenir!You can stop by waiting for elephant rides.Children are not bored because they can sample and see a little factory.You can enjoy both adults and children by buying chocolates and watching the waiting Zoo up close.

Hello Zoo-san.

Lunch starts from three types!All of them are delicious.

After riding the elephant, we went to the lunch hall.It is an open terrace, but it is clean.Lunch is mainly Indonesian, fried chicken and potatoes and spaghetti.Especially fried chicken was delicious!Crispy and juicy!The quality is higher than the zoo in Japan (laughs) The dessert was also attached, and there was enough to eat, and my family was very satisfied.

Lunch is soup, main, dessert
Indonesian cuisine

After the meal, I went to the shop until the departure.

There is a shop near the entrance, and elephant goods are sold.You can buy souvenirs here or take photos of your ride.I thought that Zoo’s goods were expensive, but the children asked me for an elephant’s figurine and purchased it as a “memorial to ride an elephant”^^

【Bali Elephant Riding Experience】 How do I pay for the tour?

You can also use your credit card locally.We brought dollars and paid for the elephant tour in cash.Because the dollar’ rate was cheap at the time when I bought dollars in Japan.If you pay by credit on site, it depends on the rate at that time.I paid for the photo by credit in the local currency.

When you’re done, the driver will take you to the hotel.As for the contents of the tour, you can enjoy the time to ride the elephant slowly, and the waiting time is not boring, so it was a tour that even children can enjoy enough.

Bali Elephant Camp on the website is here : TRUE BALI EXPERIENCE