[TOKYO] I went to Machida Squirrel Garden!A small garden where you can get in touch with squirrels a lot

Japan with Family

What kind of place is the squirrel garden?

After that, I went to Machida Squirrel Garden which I was interested in.It was about two hours, but both children and adults were able to interact with squirrels to their heart’s content, and we were very satisfied and went home.

What is the admission fee and the money to pay in the park?

Admission fee is 400 yen for adults and 200 yen for children.In the park, you can buy guinea pigs and squirrel feed, guinea pigs were 100 yen per dish of raw vegetables, and sunflower seeds were 100 yen per bag for squirrels.In addition, the contact with the guinea pig is 100 yen per person, and the numbered ticket of the touch is a cash purchase by showing the admission ticket.In addition, the numbered ticket ended as soon as it ran out, and the distribution time was decided.My family was able to enter around 10:30 and get a numbered ticket, but I think it depends on the congestion of the day.By the way, the parking lot was paid on Saturday and Sunday, but it was 150 yen in about two hours.

How do you feed the squirrel?

After getting a guinea pig numbered ticket, we went to the squirrel booth.I could use a mitten which they have for feeding, and I tried to find a squirrel to grip the sunflower seeds!!Depending on the time, the squirrel’s stomach seems to be hungry, and at 11 o’clock in time, there were many squirrels whose stomachs were filled, or they searched for squirrels to eat.There are squirrels everywhere, running around, jumping, and the children are very excited.

Squirrels moving around

Squirrels eat feed at close range!

Discover squirrels that eat food!
Because there is a mitten for the child, it is safe, too.

You can see squirrels breaking sunflower seeds in no time and eating the contents at close range.My son was scared at first, but also absorbed in looking for feedings and squirrels from the middle.

Guinea pig contact

What other animals can you touch other than squirrels?

The time to interact with guinea pigs is about 5 minutes by replacement system.We gave a towel from staff by the gate.Because it is quiet, and it is warm, it is safe even for a small child.Depending on the day, rabbits seem to be able to touch each other.In addition, guinea pigs have a splendid house, and there are a large amount of guinea pigs in it!Then, it is 100 yen per dish of feed and it is able to give feed.However, it disappears in no time because it wants feed violently (laugh)

A lot in the house!

What can I buy in the park?

There is a shop in the park.Vending machines, ice cream and bread are also sold at the shop, and souvenir shops are also substantial.The place to eat is a bench corner outside, but the sunshine was good even in the morning of winter.It’s not big park, so it’s enough to fill your belly.There was no depth enough to walk around in the park.It was the cold of midwinter,but I was not tired, and I enjoyed it comfortably ^ ^