[Mt. Takao] Mt. Takao with children, what route is recommendedI climbed 6th road with my child!

Even though it was February, the weather was good, so We went hiking to Mt. Takao this time!I climbed Mt. Takao on Route 6 with my children, who were six and nine years old!I will tell you the record of the 6th road hike and the highlights of the Takao Yamako with you!First of all, it is a climbing record of Mt. Takao^^

【Mt. Takao】If you go by car, parking lot is allowed.

First of all, it is access to Mt. Takao, but my house is a car.It is less than the autumn leaves and the spring season, but it arrived around 9 a.m., and the parking lot used by my house was parked about eight to nine times.It was parked for 500 yen a day (as of February 2020) and was convenient ly near the entrance to Mt. Takao.If it was around nine o'clock in the morning, I could still choose a parking lot.On average, about 1,000 yen is the market price of the parking lot.

How good is a child?What do I need for my luggage?(February)

This year, it was a warm winter, and even though it was February, it was very good weather.The weather was good and the temperature was not too low.In the case of Mt. Takao, I often see people climbing the mountain in the usual looks, especially the no. 1 road, but this time I made it to No. 6, so I equipped it only a little.

The children were made to wear thick socks for hiking, snow boots (easy to wear and wear), heattech such as uniqlo, spats, gloves and mufflers.In addition, the son was made to wear it from the top of the pants which was able to be worn pants which were able to be worn for the snow safely.Because it was hot, my son put on a vest and a light jacket so that he could take it off as soon as it got hot.There are a lot of shade parts even if it is a mountain path and a fine weather, and it gets cold when i stop and take a rest.I myself had a cairo to put on the spare (although I didn't use it this time).Even if it is hot while climbing a mountain, it is recommended to make clothes that are easy to adjust the temperature because the body cools at the top of the mountain.My son had sneakers and socks, so he changed his shoes at the top of the mountain.

In addition, the children were given lunch boxes, sweets such as candy and chocolate, and pet bottle tea.My son left his backpack with his dad on the way, but I think it's best to adjust the weight he can have and have it.There is good if there is a rug, but i think that it is all right even if the weather is good and dirt does not become anxious because there is a stone stage and a bench in the top of the mountain, too.

[Mt. Takao] leaves the 6th road next to the cable car

The sixth road enters the mountain trail sideways by the cable car.My son was on route 6 for the first time, so I was wondering if he wanted to ride a cable car.

There is a gentle asphalt road along the cable car route until you enter the trail.

[Mt. Takao] mountain path rushFirst of all, it is a gentle mountain path.

First of all, the mountain path which is gentle and easy to walk continues.The slope is also loose and there is a width of the road, too and it is easy to walk very much.Continue to the point where Biwa Falls is located.The swamp is moved fast to the side view.Whether it was seasonal or time of day, the mountain path was easy to climb very much without crowds.I was kind to you, greeting the people who were going to, and talking to the children, and i and the children were climbing up in a relaxed mood^^

Biwa Falls

[Mt. Takao] children gradually "funIn mode

After the Biwa Falls, the narrow erstwhile road narrows, and the road that was bokoboko continues, and it is a mountain road which seems to be climbing fast.Looking at the ground, I thought, "This could be a fossil."Strange leaf discovery""Cat-shaped stone"I became more and more interested in the scenery around me.In addition, the flowing water is transparent, and children are eager for the changing scenery.

There are a lot of places where the root of the tree is exposed.
It's like a dinosaur's foot!and rejoice son-kun
The water came through.
Summer is like a spot with crabs

[Mt. Takao] climb the swamp fast to the side viewThe sign board on the way is encouraging!

On the way, there are 14 points to the top of the mountain, and there is a sign board at each point.Your son was climbing this sign with encouragement.It is a bean-knowledge signboard about nature and the animal seen in the mountain path such as "There is such an animal here" and "Does this tree bloom like this?"There are also several bridges in the middle of the mountain path.There was a muddy road, and water was flowing out from the mountain, and i enjoyed the appearance of nature which was not found in daily life.The muddy part was very good, and my son was a snow boot type, so I didn't mind, but I didn't want to!I slipped with…I challenged you with the boots of the wild bird association.After seeing his mother like that, he said, "I'm going to fall here, Mom.Be careful", or so as to worry firmly ^^;

The sign that the son-kun got
They cross a bridge

[Mt. Takao] is this what is a stepping stone?I was able to climb here without fear!

After a narrow mountain path that climbs with a twist, we went to the path of the stepping stone!My son thought i was not afraid of it, but for a while, he said, "It's fun here!!I climbed up and down.For the boys who love water and puddles, it's the most enjoyable area.I pushed it without being scared ^^

When you finish the stepping stone, you will reach the last point.

The top is approaching… from here to the way of the stairs.

[Mt. Takao] after the last stairs, you will reach the top.Is the sixth road recommended?

Finally the top?!And at the end, the stairs are waiting for me, but the stairs are not so high, but it sounds pretty much on my feet that have been climbing the mountain path.It might be more gentle than the stairs of Oyama, and i encourage myself and climb.Other hikers were also seen climbing while taking a break on the last stairs.Here, papa and daughter who were going ahead join together.It was a long climb for about two and a half hours, but the children were very satisfied because they were able to climb to the end while enjoying the mountain path on the way!Mt. Fuji also looked beautiful!Lunch time was just twelve o'clock.If it is an early time in the morning, there are few people who go down the mountain, and it is easy to climb it.On the way, there are also narrow mountain roads, but with the children, "How do you walk here?"I think it's safer to walk here."

In the past, my daughter still used The First Road when she was in the stroller.The first road is a paved road that leads from the cable car stop to several routes.If you are in the bathroom or in the middle of a hug, you can walk well on the first road, and if you don't have to worry about the toilet, you can also take care of it on route 6.Of course, the sixth road is a mountain path, and there can be dangerous places and unexpected injuries, too.The hand is empty if the shoulder etc. are used, but in the case of the holding string etc., it is recommended to climb the mountain to the top of the mountain by using the no. 1 road or the cable car without overdoing it.Mt. Takao is not only a mountain climbing mountain, but also a lot of places where you can feel various spots and nature!Let's enjoy Mt. Takao according to the age and physical strength of the child.

In the second half of the blog, I will tell you from the top of the mountain to the bottom!