【HIROSHIMA】Miyajima with children-go to Itsukushima Shrine

Japan with Family
Miyajima Ferry Station

To Miyajima in winter!

Miyajima is a famous tourist spot in Hiroshima.Our family visited on January 3rd of the New Year.The shrine is a shrine, and the child gets tired soon, isn’t it?It’s a spot that tends to be thought of, but Miyajima is different!You can affirm.The atmosphere and scenery surrounding Itsukushima Shrine can only be tasted here.Miyajima also has an aquarium and ropeway, and there are many ways to enjoy it, but this time i will spell out how simple it is to enjoy Miyajima without getting bored with children.

Ferry to Miyajima

Children’s Exciting Point (1) “5-Minute Ferry”

Miyajima’s ferry station is just a short distance from JR and tram stations, and there is also a car park in the area.The ferry is a little over five minutes, but the ship is very good!There are a variety of indoor and deck seats, as well as seats available to people with disabilities on the first floor.The ship is very beautiful and you will arrive at the pier in no time while looking at the view of the Seto Inland Sea.Children can spend time looking at the sea on the deck.And just 5 min. is nice^^.

From the ferry to the pier

Children’s Exciting Point (2) Deer’s Out

When we arrived at Miyajima, we walked along the sea by the time we reached Itsukushima Shrine, but there are deer’s place here and there.The deer near the pier are very quiet, and even if the child approaches, it does not move very much.But even Because the deer spot is everywhere in Miyajima, it is an unbearable encounter for my child who likes animals.

Daitorii shrine

Children’s Exciting Point (3) we can walk close to the dynamic tori-i gate

To the entrance of the shrine, you can walk along the flat road along the sea, but you can also walk deer along the road, get on the beach in summer, and play with the sand a little.The large tori-i gate which appears on the way. Tori-i gate can get off unless it is at high tide.If you take care of sneakers, you won’t get wet.My son came here and played in the sea for some reason, and he found a little crab.The Seto Inland Sea is also overlooking.

From Itsukushima Shrine

The shrine grounds are paid, but the amulet is also convinced at a conscientious price.Children also defend the shrine system, such as throwing donations and playing fortunes.The precincts are very easy to walk and the scenery changes at the point, so the children are willing to walk.

There’s deer everywhere.

Children’s Exciting Point (4) From the precincts to the souvenir district

If you leave the precincts, you will find a separate road between the aquarium and the pier.There are also many dining areas around here.Apart from the shrine, there are also two temples.As the souvenir district continues from here, children stop without getting bored.Some shops are old-fashioned, while others are new and stylish.When you walk here, children and adults want to take a break.