【YOKOHAMA】We enjoyed “Orbi Yokohama”!

Japan with Family

My daughter and I went to Orbi Yokohama.

I went to Orbi Yokohama with may daugter.There is in the market place “MARK IS Yokohama”.On this day, I was alone with my daughter.A daughter who likes animals, especially cats and small animals.There can be touched animals and experience nature by theater. And here is indoor place!

With the cats
feed the cat

Tickets are admission fee + contact fee

I didn’t have much time on this day, so I calculated the entrance fee + contact fee and free pass before purchasing.As 8 years old, I’m clear what I want to do in advance, and once I’ve decided to keep up with what I’ve decided, I don’t buy a free pass, I’m going to buy tickets to the contact booth in the building.There are places where you can see the entrance fee alone, but if you really enjoy it, the free pass is definitely good.

At the Tropical Fish Booth
The mouse wears gloves.
Lots of chicks in the case!When we show the bait, they all get together.

There is a bonus in the ticket on the day

After enjoying Orbi, benefits are available in the food court downstairs!At that time, the udon size becomes a parallel price in Marugame noodles, and Baskin Robbins ice cream becomes 10% off.It is OK just to show the receipt.There are many other shops, it is a little advantageous to eat lunch at a shop with benefits♡

I was surprised that the souvenir shop was quite substantial, too.Because it was a short stay this time, there is no other part to be touched.

Please check here ; Orbi Yokohama official website