【Singapore Airlines】Direct flights or Transit?This is how to choose a plane with family travel!

Bali with Family

Bali takes seven hours by direct flight from Japan.At that time, the biggest point in the individual arrangement is the airplane selection.The airline you choose depends on whether you want to fly direct or by flight.This time, we went to Bali by transit using Singapore Airlines.I’ll tell you about that point!


Merlion who greeted me in front of the terminal train in Singapore

[If the flight time is long] how to choose the airplane 5 points

In the case of us, the standard of the airplane selection is the following five.

  1. The time is accurate and you can leave without worrying about luggage.
  2. There are flights when children can move
  3. nice fee and airline ratings are good
  4. Whether or not to arrive at the local in the time when it is not tired even if it transits
  5. Is it comfortable to fly?

If the child was still under the age of two, the pattern of using the bassinet at night flights of direct flights was the most easy.However, it is another problem when the bassinet becomes useless.Japanese airlines are safe but expensive.If Lcc night flights are available well, it is possible to reduce the cost of the ticket and divide it as “just sleep”.However, one way is usually a daytime flight, and given the luggage and time of day, the requirements are limited to getting the ticket seat as you wish on Lcc round-trip flights.After all, if you calculate a variety, it may be the same price as the carrier, it is necessary to look carefully.

In addition, although the night flight to go can sleep, because it is as hard as it is, physical condition management when arriving locally is essential ^^;

This time, my family used Singapore Airlines.When I used Singapore Airlines, I cleared all five of these points and it was a “transit tour” bonus.It’s a daytime flight, but singapore airlines’ comfortable equipment was more than cost!

If you have children, you want to shorten the flight time even a little by “direct flight”.

And, my family also take it for granted.

There are a lot of direct flights to Bali, and it takes about 7 hours and 30 minutes.

However, when the ticket is high , the rules regarding the service and baggage in the cabin are fine, and it is troublesome.

I usually choose direct flights, but this time I’ve made a decision with Singapore Airlines.

  1. The time zone to and from Haneda Airport is quite available.
  2. The on-board service is extensive and the general reputation is high.
  3. The fee of the ticket is good, and there are a lot of advantages of transit

This time, we arrived at Changi International Airport just after noon, leaving Haneda at 9:15 p.m.

The transit lasted about three hours and was scheduled to arrive in Bali after 8 pm.

Changi International Airport’s new terminal is very clean, with lots of shops and food, and it’s not boring!At the time, i was running a coupon campaign, so I got a 20 SD that I could use at the airport with my whole family, and i bought a toy for the kids.

Also, because our children usually spend very little time on TV and games.

When you get on a plane, you can enjoy them.

And, i know (laughs)

Moreover, it is not japanese Anime or games, but because it is overseas, it seems to be fun again.In that respect, singapore airlines’ media seemed to be enjoyable enough for children.Of course, it depends on the equipment (is it a little old when it’s scoot equipment?Flight attendants are kind, and they respond to the trouble, so you can ride with your children with peace of mind^^

Child meals from Japan to Singapore

The in-flight meal sours and tastes good, and the child meal is also hearty!


This time, I spent almost a day traveling by transit, but it was a long time for such a tired airplane.