Bali Legian Beach with children is the best for us. Mozarella by the sea is the nice restaurant!

Bali with Family

Bali has plenty of beaches and you can enjoy beach resorts in any spot.Among them, we will introduce our recommended “Legian Beach” at the point of “quiet and calm”, “having a relaxing time with children”, and “easy to walk on the beach”.We will also introduce a restaurant which next to Legian Beach.

Legian Beach with children is quiet and beautiful

On a trip to Bali with my children, I chose the Legian district as my first place to stay.After a long flight, adults and children get tired.On the first two days or so, there was some tension in a different place from Japan, so i decided to make my first stay more relaxing than the bustling Kuta district.The Legian Beach is very quiet and beautiful!!Children also enjoy playing in the sand on the beach and playing in the water.The basis of the water play is the hotel pool, but it’s fun to pick up a lot of light pink seashells at Legian Beach.

Legian Beach Morning

Legian Beach Evening

Playing in the sand at Legian Beach

Children and Legian: What are the best restaurants around Legian Beach?

In the meantime, the “Mozarella by the sea” meal at Legian was really delicious during this trip (The banda Hotel is here for breakfast).In the morning, Danish, soup, rice and fruit are also elegant and delicious, and it’s a big hit at home!If you ask for a latte, they will bring you some nice latte art.I’ll introduce you a little.

At Motz Arelaisai

At Motz Arelaisai

Too delicious kids pizza

Steak by Mozarella by the sea

They bring me latte art for breakfast.

You can also make a reservation from Japan and the world!

Mozarella by the sea can also be booked on the official website.We also made reservations in Japan.Because this restaurant is very popular, there are a lot of customers on weekdays when the evening passes.Many people use the banda Hotel to pay for meals at check-out.In the case of us , the time zone of rice is generally decided, so I made a reservation in advance without hesitation.If you make a reservation, you’ll get a reply and you’ll be able to keep your seat.You can also consider your seat request.This restaurant is Family friendly and I can see the guest of the world,family,couple,friends… Of course, there is also a kids menu!So don’t hesitate to book this restaurant because of small kids^^You can also enjoy having time!

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