Bali with Children: What to do about currency exchange in Bali?What is Rama-Krisma like?

Children and Bali: How to exchange money in Bali Two patterns that my family tried!

When you go abroad, the work that comes first.Our family has been experimenting with all means since the second time with their children.This time

  1. First Day Exchange
  2. Bring dollars (optional)
  3. Bring a circle (optional)
  4. The missing cash is an overseas ATM.
  5. Credit card payment

It was used in.I usually do first-day exchange at the airport, but I took the time to look for a stroller and lost my mind to change it, so I decided to change it locally.

We walked down the path from the hotel to Krisma and walked to the exchange store attached to the gas station where it hit.

On the way, i feel a local feeling.

Can you ride a motorcycle with your family?!

You can ride well in such a balance, right?

The motorcycle passes from the right to the left, and I put the tsukkomi in my heart.

But even any young older brother went through politely and passed with a smile.

From the first day, it was a middle local street…

The exchange rate was good, and i walked through the local area and felt the indonesian air for the time being (laughs)

As a result, the exchange method that my family used this time is

  1. Exchange money from yen to rupiah at the local currency exchange office
  2. Withdraw from credit card at local ATM
  3. Credit cards at hotels and restaurants

Was!Taxis were cash, and this time there was also a dollar payment, so I divided the local exchange and what to prepare in Japan, but i was able to use it without any problems.

A currency exchange office in a gas station facility

The local market is interesting!I’m going to Rama-Krisma.

The local market which I examined beforehand in Japan.It was a location that was very close to the hotel on the first day, so we went for a walk until noon.In this way, it is fun to take advantage of a little gap time to explore the local area^^

I’m so sorry i missed taking pictures completely because I was so absorbed in shopping.

What can I buy with Rama-Krisma?Recommended for purchasing souvenirs near the airport!

When you enter the market, you put a seal on it.There were a lot of goods such as clothes which seemed to be Bali, clothes goods such as hats and bags, accessories, sweets food, candles, wallets, etc.It wasn’t wide enough to get lost, and it wasn’t too small… it was cheap, especially for children’s Balinese clothes.Of course, because the price is low, the texture cannot be denied, but I can add it for wearing it while traveling.It is also close to the airport and has a parking lot, so i wonder if it’s a good way to get there when you’re back home.I thought!It’s impressive, and you can use both cash and credit cards, so it’s a great place to buy souvenirs in that respect!