How can I enjoy playing in the sea and eat delicious seafood with my children?

Japan with Family

The restriction of the movement of corona antivirus to other prefectures was over, and my family went out toChiba first.My Children love fish!This time, we went out to play casually at the beach and observe living things, taste delicious seafood, peanut soft serve ice cream!

[UMIHOTARU] First of all, to theUMIHOTARU!Even at 8 o’clock in the morning, the car is crowded!

Cloudy Saturday.It was 8-9 o’clock in the morning, but the UMIHOTARU showed that the car was crowded.Mainly a lot of people was in the starbucks and restaurant floor, and it was not dense in that it looked around the UMIHOTARU. My children took pictures at various monuments (photos can be taken), looked at seagulls and cargo ships… the weather wasn’t very good, but they enjoyed it enough.

The restroom is located on each floor, and because it is a large and very well-managed toilet, it is just a good spot for a rest.

Cape Futtsu: We went to Futtsu Park!Tide hunting had also resumed, but be careful of the time zone!

Cape Futtsu is located in Futtsu Park, and includes parks, capes, and tidal hunting facilities.Guests can move their car to suit their needs (parking was free).Because it was quite large even if it was said that it was a park, there was a person who walked and ran, too.The parking lot is located next to Futtsu Park, in front of the tide hunting facility, and in three places of Cape Futtsu.

Tide hunting is from 12:30 on that day, 2000 yen per adult (up to 2 kg), children are elementary school students and above 1000 yen per person (up to 1 kg).I didn’t do tide hunting this time because of time problems and the fact that it might not be possible for us to eat 6 kilograms of shellfish.

In front of the parking lot of Cape Futtsu, it is a beach, and you can draw a outdoor seat to play.Because a big beach in the vicinity was closed, there was a person who was swimming in the sea, and playing by the boat, too.There is an observation tower on the cape, but the children showed no interest that the stairs were unpleasant, probably because they went up and down the stairs with UMIHOTARU.I didn’t climb this time because it was cloudy, but when the weather was nice, I could see a superb view^^ The children enjoyed picking up shells there.After that, I was playing with grasshoppers and in the meadow.Because it is not a smooth sandy beach, outdoor seat, a sun shade, sandals are necessary!

[To Kanaya Shokudo] seafood for lunch!What’s the good restaurant?

It was about a 30-minute drive from Cape Futtsu to “Kanaya Shokudo”.Kanaya shokudo has a large restaurant, and you can enjoy hearty dishes ^ ^ My children love seafood!They played in the sea and also were hungry.They could eat completely.Single item menu, set meal, fry, donburi, it is a very fulfilling lineup.

Water tank in the shop

[Sea creatures] look for living things by the sea! !

There is a place where you can play on the beach in front of Kanaya shokudo, and I went down there.There were a lot of crabs and hermit crabs ^ ^ Small fish were swimming, and we were very excited!I’m crazy about looking for creatures.Anyway, there were a lot of them, and it was a very interesting place to observe.

I released the creatures I caught because I couldn’t take them home, but the children found a lot of creatures and were very happy.

[Kimura Peanuts] After playing, snack!Where is peanut soft serve ice cream?

I like soft serve ice cream made with peanuts.This time, we moved to Tatebayashi and went to eat peanut soft serve ice cream.This time I went to the Kimura Peanuts shop.

This is a parfait of 500 yen.All the items were paid in cash!

It is rich and very delicious!Peanuts and bean products are also sold at the shop.There was peanut paste, too^^ but my child likes sweet paste, so I didn’t buy it this time.I bought a pie bun made in collaboration!The sweetness is also modest and delicious!

[The sunset is beautiful] on the way back while watching the sunset .

We ate a snack and were full, so we went home.We drove along the sea on the lower road to Kisarazu. The sunset was beautiful!My children also played in the sea and the beach, and the stomach was full, too.It didn’t cost much money except for food and snacks. But we were able to enjoy it enough^ ^ This time the weather was not good, but it was necessary to take measures against a sun shade and heat.It is convenient when playing , a bucket, a case, a small net, etc. to observe the living thing.Let’s prepare a outdoor seat, a change of clothes and shoes for kids in the car, too.

[This spot list]

“Cape Futtsu”

“Futtsu Coast Tide Hunting”

“Fisherman’s food Kanaya”

“Kimura Peanuts”