[ZOORASIA]Yokohama zoo is where both children and adults can enjoy the forests all over the world

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Due to coronavirus, it is likely to be a summer when you can’t enjoy overseas travel or outing trips easily, but we will introduce ZOORASIA Zoo(also named YOKOHAMA ZOO), which allows children to explore the forests around the world in their favorite places.It is a zoo that can be enjoyed enough even for elementary school students, and it becomes a very good exercise for adults who lack exercise on a daily basis ^ ^

What is ZOORASIA Zoo?

First of all, ZOORASIA Zoo is a zoo operated by Yokohama City.In addition to the Bay Area, Yokohama has a lot of nature, and there are many big natural parks such as zoos and athletics.The largest zoo in Yokohama isZOORASIA Zoo.You can see various animals such as “Okapi”, which is a rare animal, and it is made with the image of nature all over the world, so you can meet many animals that you will come across naturally.Even though it is such a scale, the admission fee is 800 yen for adults, and there is a very good value.

Park map

How do I access it?

It is most convenient to access by car.Due to coronavirus infection control, only the main entrance parking lot is currently available, but the parking lot is also large and it is very convenient because it is close to the entrance gate.Parking fee is 1,000 yen (as of June 2020)

In addition to cars, you can also come by train and bus.

【Trains and buses】

Sotetsu Line “Tsurugamine” Station

Sotetsu Line “Mitsusakai” Station

JR Yokohama Line, Municipal Subway (Green Line) “Nakayama” Station

From each station, take the “Yokohama Zoo” bus for about 15 minutes.

Quoted from Yokohama Zoo ZOORASIA Brochure (as of June 2020)
First of all, you can meet the elephant.
Borneo orautan
Sumatran tiger

What are the facilities in the park?What about corona measures?

Because the park is very well managed and large, there are many large restaurants and rest areas in the main areas, both indoors and outdoors.It is also possible to move in a stroller.Sometimes there are slopes, but it’s not too hard.As of June 2020, all park playground equipment in the park will not be available due to measures against corona.There are also some events and areas of animals that are not available.Still, there are more than enough places to visit.

As for the corona measures, all restaurants are open.Some parts have an open terrace.Disinfection sprays are also installed so that you can use them with peace of mind.In addition, the glass and the window etc. in the place where the animal was visited wrote so that even a small child could understand “Do not touch it”.

Credit cards are becoming the main place, but credit cards are not accepted in ZOORASIA Zoo except at gift shops near the exit!Be sure to bring cash and a transportation IC card!

Indian Lion
Facilities in the park

What kind of animals can you meet?Even on a light rainy day, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the rainforest!!

My family visited ZOORASIA Zoo on a day when it rained and stopped.I entered at 9:30 in the morning and stayed until about 14:00.It didn’t rain in the morning, and it got worse from lunch.So, I couldn’t see only giraffes because of rainy, but I enjoyed seeing the rest of the animals with the children.Because it was raining, there were not a lot of people who came, and i was able to enjoy the zoo without becoming three dense.Because of the drizzle, you can fully enjoy the air of the rainforest in the tropical forest area.Anyway, it’s full of nature, so it’s like forgetting that it’s Yokohama.

The park is divided into eight different zones and a play plaza.From the main gate, it had achieved 10,000 steps by the time we go to the Savanna zone in Africa and return it, so there is also a bus service in the park, so even if the child is tired by any chance, it is also possible to move to the main location by the park bus.

Humboldt Penguin
Polar bears
I tried to jump kangaroos.

ZOORASIA Zoo that you can enjoy with children!

In the case of my child, it is six years old and nine years old, but both of them were able to walk well even in a large garden, and the second half is tired, but the next animal in the tired place!Because it comes, it was unexpectedly all right.When my children grew up, I became interested not only in animals, but also in panels about living organisms and animals, and I felt that the way people enjoyed the zoo changed a little.


We couldn’t go to the zoo for a long time because of coronavirus, so the children enjoyed it very much.The lunch in the park is also delicious and enough to eat, so it is perfect for a break!Adults can also be satisfied ^ ^ There are some places such as play equipment and some experience options that can not be available, but if it is such a large zoo, I felt that it is just right for adult physical strength .There is also Baskin Robbins ice cream shop in the gift shop, so there is also the pleasure of eating delicious ice cream after walking a lot ^ ^

Learn about the life of an old savanna
Camel Pinot