[Bali with Children] What is recommended a nice present for friends that you can buy in Ubud?

Bali with Family

There are many souvenir shops in Ubud, and if you come to Ubud, you can get balinese goods.You can also see a lot of famous Ashitaba shops and balinese cute bags in Ubud.I will tell you the shopping record at the shop “KOU” which is “nice soap gifts” .The package and the fragrance are very nice”!

Ubud soap “KOU”

[KOU] to the shop of a nice soap in Ubud “KOU”

We decided to aim for the shop “KOU” from the Japanese restaurant “Ramien”.Although relatively close on the map, Ubud’s narrow roads feel very long.Still, there are many children’s shops and fashionable restaurants on the left and right, so you won’t get bored.At that time, it seems to have been renovating the shop, but there was a little difficult to understand the location of the shop, found the shop safely!

The perfect soap for souvenirs!The appearance is cute, too!

“KOU” is a shop that sells soap, but honey and jam were also sold.The package is cute and the fragrance is good.And, because the price is reasonable, it is perfect for a souvenir!It is just the right size for small gifts, and there are various scents, that made me fun time.The fragrance is very gentle and nice color.
The clerk was also a wonderful person ^ ^

You can try the fragrance!Children also buy soap for them

There was a tester soap in “KOU”, and I was able to try the fragrance.So, without buying in the image, you can choose your favorite fragrance.The smell was moderate for the children, and my daughter bought it as a souvenir for her friends.It is one of the charms that it can be purchased according to the application because there are various shapes from ordinary soap size, small size of candy type, and weight sale.

There are several kinds of soap fragrances.
There is a sample, and you can try the fragrance.
As a souvenir, candy type
Soap like chocolate

[Ubud with Children] along the street of Ubud

You can witness old and new shops while looking at various shops.
It was an alley where there were almost no touts.
However, if you can’t read the map properly, it’s an area with similar alleys on the right and left like Kyoto, so you might need to move forward so that you don’t make mistakes.